Do you have a personal "good luck" ritual?

Do you have a personal “good luck” ritual? I mean one you’re willing to tell us about.

Personally, I try to greet every player I’m friends with when I join a table. I once had a sister-in-law who would loudly pray: “Dear Lord, bless these cards and all the players, but let me win all the money.” It seldom worked, but she did it every time the family had a game.

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Yes I have a ritual, but only when I either really really need good luck or am blessed with really, really promising hole cards. I cross everything crossable except my eyes! Fingers, arms, legs, toes–crossed! and I hold them tight until the good luck comes (or doesn’t).

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In theory I set out my laptop, my ipad, my glass of water (well sometimes water), place pen and paper nearby, adjust my settings, feed the cat then settle down with snacks five minutes before tournament starts. In practice I dash to the laptop, click late on the tournament and fall over the unfed cat!


(No mention of bladder check. lol That’s a key consideration for me!)

Tena lady…

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yuk… barf.

i did when i played hockey many moons ago

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People may think I am rude but I do not respond when players say good luck at the start of a game. I think it’s a Jinx…

I imaginary draw the suit or number of the card where the next card will appear. It works sometime. LuckyMTM

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