Do you ever reject a friendship request?

And why?

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Nope. A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet. Besides we all have poker in common at the very least.
I am considering limiting my friends to lower ranked players though. My icon keeps slipping down the order! :laughing:

Not really. It’s rare for me to not accept a friend request. A lot of players on my friends list are players who I regularly see and chat with in tournaments so it’s nice when I’m looking at a tournament lobby and see a lot of friends registered for the same tournament.


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Yes. I was playing a freeroll tourney and had a player who was very negative about volunteers. He kept it up for about 10 minutes until he was moved to another table. He must have felt badly later because he tried to friend me. I thought about it but decided not to open myself up to his negativity, so I did not accept his friendship.


yes. I don’t add players all because we just happen to play at the same table.

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Yes , I get friend requests from players I have never even played with , but before rejecting the request I check their profile page to see if they have something that may interest me under their About Me … most don’t have anything written and when I look at who their other friends are I notice they only have female friends … not interested in just being a notch on someones belt who I most likely will never see in a game or talk to through message.


@SharonSmarty I totally agree. I get many requests from profiles that I’ve never seen or heard of before, and when I check them, they are either men who have added every female player on this site already, or new players who have had their profile for 3 days and who already have a friend list of 2000 players.

Once I accepted a request from a guy I busted out of a tourney, only to find a private message from him using all sorts of profanities that would get censored in a public chat. Of course I reported and unfriended him.

Another incident similar to the one @ScubaKing mentioned, is when a player was so rude to me and everyone else at the table, but then sent me a friendship request after the game. I rejected it.

I used to think it was rude to reject requests and that everyone is a potential friend, but now I’ve learned to choose my friends more carefully.


@ Maya …only to find a private message from him using all sorts of profanities that would get censored in a public chat…same thing happened to me which was the reason why I started to check out their friends list before accepting… I never reported him but did message him back telling him what I thought about him and since messages don’t get censored I didn’t hold back :slight_smile:… then I deleted him from friends.



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I’ll reject any requests from people I’ve found obnoxious in the games (yes, even if they look as if they’re from cute girls of any age–internet images are cheap–LOL). I have friended people I’ve never seen at a table, though, especially if I’ve interacted with them here in the forums. At least 90% of the forum “chatterers” seem pleasant.
From the other end of the street, if I send out three requests, I’ve learned to expect only expect one response. I suspect a LOT of people never view their incoming requests and thus, ignore them (if Notifications to your email are turned off, you must go to Friends, then Requests to find and view them).


Generally no. As @Alan25main pointed out, sometimes it takes sometime to see the pending requests. It would be nice if the notification highlights the pending friend requests, in the place where it says “See pending requests”.

I might resemble that remark. Just saw I had over fifteen requests.

I’ll pretty much friend anyone who has manners and a sense of humor while playing. Only one misfire from a creeper who seemed to want more than sharing jokes or poker strategy.

Yes i reject them all the time because i have so many requests from players ive never seen, may i list all their name here? or is there not enough space to type them?

I reject any request from someone I haven’t chatted with and connected to at a table. Why would they want to friend me if we haven’t become friends? I do find it interesting that some people I chat with a lot and exchange greetings with doesn’t accept my friend request though. But you can be friends without being “friends.” Random requests I find odd. Especially from the players with “It looks like this player wants to be a mystery” or whatever it says when they haven’t written anything about themselves. And, like a previous response said, sometimes what they have written is a little suspect or sleezy. I want my friends to actually be friends - and cull my list of people I haven’t see for a long time. What’s the point?

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If not accepting is rejecting, then yes, all the time. I am happy with the way things are. I don’t like clutter. Most of the time I forget to even look to see if anyone has requested a friendship. I am surprised to see some people I have never heard of on my list. I figure there’s no point in being rude and rejecting someone. I choose just to ignore.

I’ve never sent a friendship request, because I am probably much too reserved to impose myself to others, but I’ve always accepted all requests I’ve got. I don’t see the least reason why I should be impolite towards people who make the first step. Nobody asked me to lend them money after I accepted, or sent me rude or embarrassing messages. Some explained they liked how I played, others mentioned my nationality as a reason, others didn’t say a single word, and why they asked will always be their secret.
I don’t frequent any social media, like Facebook or similar, but it is obvious that the conventional concept of friendship we have in “real” life doesn’t really apply either there or here.
A friendship request, though, can be the beginning of a more close relationship, and in few cases that is what happened to me here.


So Miri you think that if you send someone a friendship request, you’re imposing yourself on them, and if you reject their request you would be impolite towards them? Very well, Noble Lady… (You did not say alright mate in the 15th century lol).

You’re lucky! I’m sure your answer would’ve been different otherwise.

You are only envious because you are incapable of such high sentiments, mate! LOL
Now seriously, I don’t see why I should reject a friendship request, and wouldn’t know what criteria I should consider to make a selection.
If afterwards my new “friends” give me a concrete reason to regret my decision, to unfriend them is an easy procedure.
In my opinion, it would be a pity to reject people approaching us with the best of intentions, only because we had some bad experiences.
But well, maybe it is only me who particularly values such a gesture, because I am simply not able myself to overcome my “shyness” and take the initiative.

Miri I feel a bit misunderstood here. I would never reject a friendship request from someone approaching me with good intentions. It’s just the suspicious requests or the ones confirmed to be either coming from bad intentions or rude individuals, or people who are just adding everyone for the sake of adding them and will never speak to them ever again, that I have learned to reject. There are lots of examples in this thread already for such cases.
If I was such a serial friendship request rejecting person I wouldn’t have 230 friends in my list already now would I?? :wink:

I was talking in general, not addressing you in particular, Maya! Sorry for the misunderstanding.
You are the best of mates, and I am very glad you are able to take the initiative. LOL

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