Do You Do Any Preparation Before Playing Poker?

Hey everyone!

I was just wondering dose anyone do any type of preparation or have some type of ritual before sitting down at the poker tables? I pretty much play almost all poker online so sometimes before I enter a ring game or play in a tournament I take a shower. Why? For some reason I find it very relaxing and it freshen’s me up and I find by doing that It helps me play better and make better decisions at the table.

Other times I skip preparing and just open my laptop and come on here and start playing, When I start to feel tired I sometimes just sit out a few hands and maybe splash some water on my face then when I rejoin the game I play better. Anyways do you do any preparation before playing poker? If so what do you do?

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Before i sit in ring games i getting drunk cos i need get balls to beat tough males, and when i’m drunk i think i have them, but it’s not work, and after i busted out my bankroll again, everybody can ready my heavy and trush swearing , don’t know how i’m still have friends on here? ehhhhh… but before sit in MTTs i just have coffee… its open my eyes! :slight_smile:

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the daily prep sounds good what ever works for you , just be in good mood, feeling well, but before setting down to play learn about the different games , a good way to learn go to say Barnes & Nobles you can read books there without having to buy take notes some like barns has a coffee shop you can get something to eat, drink and read TAKE NOTES there is skill to the game I have 2an one half million chips iv won !!! I play what I want when I want iv bought chips early in my play but its bee a long time THIS MAKES IT FUN learn watch other players check there ranks lower there rank the better player they are don’t do crazy allin allin like the fools , dont get bad habbits lucky in holdem is at least 25% I’m sure more in Omaha how from books about outs , if you have a hand to draw to count the players cards already out number of cards left to deal !!! if Omaha no cards left why draw 111111

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Look here this is free, but if you gave them your credit card, that is for sure your problem!


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