Do I Suck at Poker?

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Let’s just say you’re not consistent…

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Hard to judge by the limited information you have provided. That big dip could either represent a bust out in a single tournament (where you entered with most of your bankroll) or many consecutive bust outs. I don’t know much about tournament play on this site, so I can’t tell whether finishing in the money one-third (34%) of the time is good, fair, or below par compared to other players on this site. Keep on grinding and find ways to improve; that is literally all you can do.


1,452,420 chips since June 2019 is a poor return. Assuming you’ve been logging in every day and getting your 2,500 daily bonus, overall you’ve lost about 400,000 chips. Fortunately, none of this matters in the slightest.

It looks like you have a few long stretches of inactivity, but I when you have played, you mostly won chips at a slow rate. You had a giant dive in the middle, and came back. I recommend focusing on the comeback.

I’ll post my graph, you can see how it compares.

I started out in October 2016, playing 1/2 Ring 9-seat with my 2500 free bonus chips for creating an account, and doubled my buy-in daily for about a month, moved up in stakes to try to keep my growth curve growing exponentially, and lost it all after getting up to about 120k.

I took a long break from poker for about 2 years, and resumed playing in 2018. During this hiatus, I logged in daily for the bonus chips, and so accumulated a roll of about 1.2M.

When I restarted my poker “career” on the site, I switched over to playing 10k SNGs, daily, about 3-6 games every evening. I would finish in the money enough to offset most of my losses, but most nights I was finishing down, not up.

I was learning, though, and got better. Eventually I started winning SNGs regularly, and after losing about half of that 1.2M bankroll, I finally turned it around and went on an upswing that saw me growing week by week. I moved up to 25k SNGs, and eventually to 100k SNGs, with an ROI of anywhere from 20%-60%. Leaderboard bonus chips from Astral League were a big part of my ROI during most of this time. In a bad week, I’d be ITM about 30% (which is about average for a 9-seat table with 3 money finishes), in a good week it’d be 60-70%.

In July 2019, I was recruited to join Badonk’s Donks league, and took part in those regularly. I had a goal of earning promotion into the Golden Donks in my first quarter, which I managed to do, taking the composite leaderboard Crown in my first quarter for my first and only crown win. I was slightly profitable in Badonk’s league, earning 0-20% each quarter, and generally finishing in the top 25% of participants.

During this time, I continued to play a lot of 9-seat SNG, and continued to grow my bankroll through 2021. In 2021Q1, Badonkidonk named me his successor to run the league as he was stepping down from day to day operations. I did this for a quarter, and while I enjoyed the experience I felt like it took me out of the games too much, and my performance plummeted during this time. Because being the league organizer took so much of my time, I had to quit playing the daily SNGs that were the primary driver of my bankroll growth, and I switched instead to playing short-table format SNGs, 3-seaters and 2-seaters. I played these profitably but over time they seemed to get harder, or my cards just stopped coming.

By the end of March 2021, I was tired of the game and needed a break. I stepped down as league organizer of Badonk’s league, and didn’t play for a month.

I came back after this hiatus and decided to try playing short-table ring games for a while, and have been grinding chips steadily since then. But this period includes two huge dips where I threw away 16M in chips (and then won it all back in the same, 14-hour marathon session), and a second 16M slide in early June where I won back 12M of it before I retired from the table, and then it took the next month for me to grind out the next 4M at smaller stakes tables to get back up to my previous winnings total of 46.8M.

Since then, I’ve been on an upswing, taking about 10M in the last week, getting my roll up to 52.8M as of last night. I seem to be doing very well at 1k/2k and 2k/4k right now, and seem to do OK at 5k/10k and 10k/20k, but I play less of those because I can tolerate the bankroll swings at 2k/4k much better.

I’m not the best player on the site, but playing profitably is more important than being the best. Only one person can be THE best, but a lot of people can play profitably and consider themselves winners.

If you want to get better, you just need to put in the time and study the game. It takes work!

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You can have a terrible bankroll and still be good at poker if you get tilted easily, play too high stakes etc. Your bankroll does not necessarily decide how good of a player you are. If you want to be a better player, study off the table and play.

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This gives me an idea… someone capable needs to create a thread “Show me your bankroll graph and I’ll tell you who you are”. Like palm reading, but for poker.

I’m looking at you, @SunPowerGuru :slight_smile:


Haha. This is why I love spiders!

I think most MTTs here pay the top 20%, so 34% would be better than average. An 8.4% ROI isn’t spectacular, but you are winning. A 10% ROI is considered good, 20% to 30% is great, most pros see 40% or more.

Edited to add: I think the plugin that does the graphs also counts SnGs as MTTs. Most SnGs pay the top 1/3, except for heads up, which obviously pays 50% of the field. If you play a lot of SnGs, this would skew your results.

If you look at the graph, there were long stretches of inactivity (you don’t get 2,500 daily bonus if you don’t login).

Yeah the huge drop in the middle was me playing on tilt.

Wouldn’t my ROI be 20%? (635,032 Net Profit / 3,063,000 Buy-In Total = 20% ROI)

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Opps, sorry, I did the wrong one by mistake. 8.4% was Puggy.

Yes, you would be 20.7%.

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Hello !
There are a lot of significant downs, I guess u just should to be more consistent and playing on Tilt will not make u better.
I want to ask how can I see my graph like this too ?

Awhile back, a player named Moofish made a Chrome plugin that does the charts.

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By the way speculator, your in the money % (and Pug’s) are both higher than mine…


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What’s your “pots won” percent?

The answer to this question can be misleading unless you know the type of game they typically favor.

I have, somewhat miraculously, managed to in 25% of my hands, which is absolutely wild to me considering how bad I am. But when you consider that I have played a lot of short-table ring and SNG, it makes a good bit more sense.

I’d love to know in detail how my playing habits break down over my Replay “career”, but the site doesn’t really provide that info. But I played mostly 9-seat SNG tournaments for about two years, and also mixed in some amount of 3-Max and HU SNG, maybe about 10% of my SNGs during that period. I later switched to playing almost all 3-Max and HU SNG, trying to work on my end-game so I could win the HU phase of the 9-seat SNGs more regularly and bring my ROI stat up. I kept finding myself heads-up with the lead and dead cards or horrible luck, and it was really eating into my profit in the SNG games. With as many 3-max and HU SNGs as I’ve played, since you don’t take chips out of them unless you win, and I was playing these to learn, not because I was already dominant at them, it seems to have further eroded my ROI, despite having a reasonably high ITM%.

Lately I’ve been playing mostly 4- and 6- seat ring. I find I play very well in 6-seat tables compared to how I do at 9-seat tables. I guess the range I prefer to play is better suited to the short tables.

I also wish you could see how these statistics changed over time, because there was a point fairly early on in my SNG career where I had won something like close to 25% of my hands played, despite playing 9-seat tables. At the time, I thought that was impressive and a good thing. But I wasn’t winning very big pots, just a lot of pots, mostly situations where I’d flop top pair, bet pot,and everyone would fold so I’d win whatever a multi-way limped pot was worth, and it wasn’t very much, and I’d bet pot from late position whenever anyone checked, bluffing or not, and won a lot of those, for small pots.

As my strategy and style of play evolved, I dipped down to under 20% hands won, a result of folding a lot more, but I also won bigger pots when I did win, which more than made up for this. But since I’ve been playing more and more 4- and 6-seat tables, my hands won % has gone back up to 25%.

It’s an interesting statistic to look at and think about, but I don’t know whether there’s an ideal % of hands you should win; if you’re winning a higher percentage, it means you’re playing a higher percentage and therefore risking your chips more often, and probably playing many more marginal spots where value is thin and the pots you play for in those spots are going to tend to be lower. A player who wins fewer pots, but is able to play them for bigger payoffs may be risking less because their tighter range is more assured of winning, and this enables them to play bigger pots than the player who folds less often and wins a higher percentage of hands played. I conjecture that there’s a sweet spot somewhere in there, but I have no idea where it is. It quite possibly depends on how your opponents play, and as such it reflects not just on your skill but on your competition as well.

I almost always play 9-seat tournies. Pots won is 13%, ROI 43.5%

Where can i find this graph on my profile? Ty.

The graph is generated by the Chrome extension that moofish wrote, linked to above by SunPower in this thread. Once installed, you can navigate to the graph by clicking on the extension’s icon in your toolbar, or by visiting your bank page and clicking on the All Transactions link.