Divisional leaderboards

Peering over at the posts that just appeared under the heading, “Your topic is similar to…”, I noticed a post that I suspect may have suggested something similar if not identical. Nonetheless, I shall continue; what the heck? I’ve enjoyed little success trying to keep my name on the Monthly MTT Leaderboard for Omaha Hi-Lo. I freely admit that the names I recognize that appear consistently near the top, on a monthly basis, belong to players whom are probably more skilled than myself. As I move down the list, however, I begin to see names of players I consistently outplace. I can only assume the reason they outperform me on the leaderboard can be attributed to higher points being awarded based on higher buy-ins. I can rarely afford to buy into tournaments that cost more than $10k. I think I’d fare far better in a low stakes division.

I’ve managed to build my bankroll up into 6 digits a few times but, I’ve yet to do well in any higher buy-in tournaments so I eventually end up nearly broke. Despite the fact that Replay hosts the best poker site I’ve experienced, I’m too cheap, too poor, and too stubborn to pay for chips on a site that boasts free poker.

Just a thought.

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