Dissappearing act

when I enter a tournament my name appears on the lobby list for about ten seconds then it disappears for awhile and when it reappears there is always another name below it. is there a reason for this. thanks

Some things changed in last week on the site, find this problem, the tech team need the following: Tour name Your op system, like windows your browser, like IE or firefox, chrome

and any info may help, such , did you play in other table in the same time (basically whatever you did in the same time with your PC.)


still happens. its like you are watching me for some reason. I cause no problems and mind my own business. never play two tables at once. don’t know how computer idiot. windows 8, google chrome. happens every time I enter a tournament. my betting is also limited on non pl games. its like your regulating my play. I left the site because of this but came back because it is the best site around. never been on facebook, twitter or whatever people with nothing better to do participate in. I watch utube and use my computer for businesss and replay poker that’s it

" like you are watching me for some reason. "

We not watch you, dont see you ever moderated… Or I just dont understand this line…

Betting on non pl games.

http://www.screenr.com/shI check this video out, tell us if something different for you. Should not.

Have to wait for tech team to respond for thet name issue.


Hi hiphopnopdead

It is handy when you use in community support the same name as you use on the site. At community support you have your own profile. Click on your name in this topic to you go to your community support profile, on the left you see the button “Edit Profile”. click on it and you can change your name in the name you use on the site, scroll down and click on “Save Details”. That way we know which account has these problems.

Greetings Happiness.

**note, user name is “3hustles”

We rolling out a new tournament lobby that uses a different technology that will solve this issue. It’ll roll with the updated site design, maybe as early as next week. So just hold fire until then. Thanks!