Display total chips in pot when there are side pots

I would like to remind, that the total chips in pot are not yet listed and therefore this topic must go on :), my reasoning for this is that its sometimes hard to know how much exactly is in pot when there is couple side pots and like 2 or 3 people bet raise and reraise. Yes i know that usually it is just kinda useless, but the timer isn’t really waiting for you counting the money and thinking your raise value. Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Spaces after after thousands (11 000 000etc. ) and chips in pot indicator topic.

Thanks for the suggestion separi? Is it common to show the total chips in the pot when there are side pots? Does anyone know, perhaps from playing on other online poker sites?

Yes its common. Total chips in pot including all raises and all side pots and then show all side pot values below each of them.

I see what you mean, just checked out Stars. Okay great, we’ll add this - thanks for the suggestion separi.

I’m not sure will be separi happy … it seems to me the wrong total pot

Yeah and what i’ve seen it only counts money in “middle” and not blinds, bets, raises or reraises (preflop or postflop). So when blinds start 500, it should say pot 750, when player min raises 1750. And its counting money from rake, which i dunno is good or bad :). Looking good still, Gj team push on! ^^

Yeah sorry guys, some glitches, it wasn’t supposed to go live quite yet, but we’ll fix all those things you mentioned and switch it back off for now.

Yeah exactly what i thought :), glad that team rp is taking my suggestions in account :slight_smile: and take time you need…

This is now officially live and working. Thanks separi for the suggestion, and we managed to get it live in less than a month =)

Gj guys :slight_smile:

I like to suggest new idea, but dont want to open new thread. Please make total pot in the dealer box. in 3D , animated.

My point is, most people see better visually, rather then see numbers. And would be cool , more realistic and a little bit entertaining as well.

Maybe user can fly in chips or just make one chips spin on the table as in real life.

Not all rooms , just some.

In the other hand, the colors actually not same as actuall chips in play. Looks odd

…and don’t forget flowers. :slight_smile:

Yeah, make hes lucky chip to spin with flower! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, however we’ve suspended for the most part further work on the flash client, preferring to concentrate on our new html5 client. I think it’s difficult to apply suggestion for the old flash client to the new one, as they are quite different, so better wait until we release the new client for testing.