Disconnected during freeroll tourney

Dear Mr. Replay,

Played in freeroll tourney yesterday 9/23 ID # 476989. At about hand # 162215457 I was disconnected from the tourney when I had the chip lead @ 155,188. The other players were derekfitt and madd66. I was very excited thinking I had a very good opportunity to take first place. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I was dropped for the next 20 hands, blinded and folded out. After I was connected back I looked at the hands I had missed; two AK’s, trips (5’s) and many good drawing hands. I have been disconnected during ring games but when I come back I still have my chips. Maybe the antes and 10,000 blinds hurt you.
Do you have a Bad Beat Bonus or gee I had the chip lead & was disconnected bonus? I believe that 1st place is 22,000 chips & 2nd is 15,000. I received 12,500.
Well, that’s my sad story. Maybe I will get the chance to win in the future.
Thanks, Wildcat15

We don’t have any incentives for bad beats – yet. (The idea is definitely on our backlog though…), but I certainly can refund your entry fee for the trouble. You should see a notification about this the next time you log in.

Despite the technical flub, that’s still a pretty awesome score! I’m still trying to work my way into the top 50 of a tournament, heh.

Is this the first time you’ve been disconnected? We have an article that has some general steps that might help right here.

Refund? for what? AND freeroll?
RP say, no responsible for player connection.

Huh? Its outrages.

Oh, my mistake – I did not refund the freeroll, but another tournament that had issues. =)

It’s pretty hard to refund nothing!

thanks for your comments.

Thank you for your response.

Much thanks, stuff happens.

the freroll tournaments are free. the 2,500 starting chips is chips replay gives you to use in the tournament they don’t come from your bankroll

Hey trav790300, I think you are correct. When I looked again at my bankroll I saw that it had a red down pointing arrow but no chips were gone. I missed that before. Thanks for the good news! Thanks for your post.

that goes for any tournament the starting chips is what replay gives you to use for that tournament the only thing comes out of the bankroll is the buy in fee

I am very disappointed site . When I work I am away for 2-3 wk at a time usually when I get back to playing again I am stuck with bad hands and lose most of my chips. The last 5-6 tourneys I played in was messed up. took my chips but folded me out every hand. Never had a chance. I’m seriously considering leaving the game for a site that can recognize a player instead of a sucker. I am not going to buy chips. As I have said before I think this site is about selling chips, instead of fair play. Good luck to all.

I don’t believe this is just one players connection as myself and others have also had this experience. Also, I do website development, and the reasoning behind this issues can be contributed to most likely a server issues as to a specific persons connection.

You right, but also not… They do the new server, will be done when its done. Cant do more than that, is it? Please hear me out, a business man and outsider who have some “idea” how servers work.
If too much join one or more tour, will be some issues. Even with the new server, if say one day players number jump from 2000 to 20000, will be issues until a new-new server built/upgraded. Its business after all, and none want invest in to a server for 20000 pp when the next 5 year predicted average only 4000 pp. Its a recipe for business sudden suicide.
If the server limitation or bug cause a problem, RP do refund the players ( If remember correctly automated) ( could be some time delay for that tho)
All coins have two side… remember for that.

One more… refund is optional…