Disconnect, disconnect, disconnect!!!
It has cost me a great deal. There must be someway to unconnect when this happens.

In all likelihood you need to clear your internet cache and close any other programs that may be using your internet connection (if possible). When was the last time you restarted the system? Good preparations to make prior to entering a MTT at any level. Hope this helps.

All of that is done before I play. I take every precaution. My computer is in peak condition with a great deal of power…

I am out more than a K, before starting games this morning, and more during games. I know that Replay has the capacity, in such cases, to allow the player to unregister when the situation is unresolved.

I am not a happy customer!

Quite understandable! I’ll pass along your comments to Support and they should be in touch for more information (e.g. table #s, MTT’s, time(s) the issues were experienced, etc.). Hopefully they’ll take good care of you regarding this.

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I’ve contact Support on your behalf regarding this. Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.

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I understand.

The loss of a 250k entry fee because the site would not allow entry, was upsetting, but subsequent losses were due to the persistence of an entry block which came after entry fee was paid!

I can’t afford losses which come before I can play at the table.