to support i just had a chance to win atleast 10k chips but instead i got folded and booted from table hand number305563431

Try using chrome browser, since I started using it, I have not had any problems with connection issues.

Hi Champca. It sounds like you had some connection issues. When you can’t establish a connection to the table, your turn will time out and you’ll automatically fold.

Crum1850’s suggestion is one thing to try, as many players find that using Google Chrome results in the smoothest gameplay. We have some other suggestions of things to try listed here: http://help.replaypoker.com/knowledge_base/topics/why-are-my-hands-auto-folding . If you try everything listed there and continue to have connection problems, please write in to support at Support@ReplayPoker.com with the information at the bottom of the page and we’ll be happy to look into the problem further.

I have the same problem.
Sometimes I can be disconnected twice in one round.
Very hard to play when you do not know what is happening. You place a bet and next minute you are folded and do not know what happened.

I have the same problem but only in freeroll tournaments.

For your edification - Several months ago I had a tournament winning hand (nut flush) that would have knocked out the other three remaining players. I went all-in and was immediately bounced from the table/tournament before any action took place. I complained about this on a thread I started and was told in a private email that without providing a hand number there was nothing RP could do and in the future to address such issues directly to ??? (I don’t recall now - it really doesn’t matter who/what email address RP provided). Supposedly RP can’t do anything without the hand number, despite this being a re-occurring event across tables and players. I did however receive a warning for using WTF in my quickly RP deleted post headline. I wonder how long this post will last as I am reminded that you get what you pay for.

Disconnections seems to be a hardy perennial with me!!!
Disconnected on Sit and Go as well as Multi Tables.
Have tried all the recommendation by Replay but truth be told I do not think they have any idea how to fix it!!
Having a particularly bad run this week. Sometimes disconnected every 3 or 4 hands. Hard to play a tournament and win when you are sitting out most of the hands!!!
Not a connection issue. I have a monitor which meters my connection and it is Stong!!
Login on through Chrome or Edge makes no difference.
The game clock goes crazy and I know I am in trouble.
Been over 2 years since I bought up the problem!!!
I hope it is fixed when they get rid of Flash.


I have discovered if I close all the programs on my computer & then close the lobby once i’m in the game it works pretty good.

I have been have’n problems on wifi with a tablet with disconnections, but test drive’n a new Laptop, and I was trying to resize the table window, when I had to re-do window. I waited till after I had folded, then before next hand started, I dumped the window, and re-opened from the Dashboard, so that the default size of the table would come back.

I was gone no more than 10 seconds and was back before my hand ended, yet just like all the wifi disconns, I was ejected from table, on the following hand. Just because I had to re-open window, during a hand, I shouldn’t be kicked off the table.

Really, though this occures with any disconnect for any reason. Also, the term disconnect lies at the heart of this. Its 1 thing for the software to attempt to give xtra time before a person “Miss’s” thier turn, but its a completely different situation for the software to “think” you left and eject you from the table.

In a MTT or SnG you have chips, therefore even if you leave … you are turned grey, and just blinded out. Effectively you have as long as you can pay the blinds to return, before being out of the Tourney. Now on a Ring table, this doesn’t occur… any disconn, for any reason, even as I just found out… having to reload the window during a hand, and the software Doesn’t just grey you out when you miss your turn, and give you the same 3-5 minutes… any other grey person gets to return to the table.

Good post!!
I suppose the more info Reply gets the better they can understand and attack the problem.
I get the message “disconnected” but as far as the other players are concerned I am just not playing!!!
Also occasionally cards are left on the table for the start of a new game, but are not part of the new game. Very confusing.


Thanks for the suggestion.

Problem occurs whether I have lobby open or not. Mostly I do not open lobby until near the end when I am fighting to make it into the prize pool.
I will try closing all other programs and see how that works. Would be a pity as I have 2 screens and have work going on the other screen while I play poker on the first. AND I might add, that has always been my practice, but this disconnect problem seems to be a new factor and a consequence of some update that Replay has made to its program!!!

I would be interested to know if that works for you. Good Luck

And i thought Replay have a new problemwas told it could take upto 36 Hours bevor they can look into my problem,but while im waiting i could look around in the forum and maybe find an answer…But seeing how many Players have exactly the same problem,and that over a long period of time,and replay poker obviously no answer to the problem???Nearly everytime i have a certain big winn,go all inn,my pc flashes and darken off for 2or 3 three seconds,my cards are folded,and my all inn is History???

I have been having problems ever since the so called upgrades . I get booted from tables, I cant play the single table sng’s or heads up without getting frozen or delays and messages: lost due to “long running script”. frustrating to the point where I don’t wont to log in. I keep getting told to upgrade browser. I have upgraded to Google Chrome and the same thing happens. What to do ? BRICK 52