Disable Quick Play on mobile, and question about strange Activity

I log in to Replay on my mobile phone to see if I have any messages, and somehow the site seats me on a 20k/40k table for a 4M buy-in.

I can’t play on my phone, I can’t even load the table, it just displays a black screen. Before I know it, I’m soaked for a BB in a hand I’m not even able to witness.

This is the second time it’s happened to me in two weeks. I’d like to suggest that Replay should disable the Quick Play links on the main page for touchscreen devices, because it’s all too easy to accidentally tap and get seated at a table unintentionally.

I happen to be sitting next to my laptop, so I quickly fire it up, browse the Lobby until I find the table I’ve been seated at, and open it up. I play 3 hands and am fortunate to hit a river flush on the 3rd hand, which makes back what the blinds took from me, and since I didn’t want to be playing, I get up at that point, and take a tiny profit for my trouble. Alls well that ends well.

But I also have questions about this session, because there’s something weird going on that doesn’t make sense on the Activity page.

Here’s a screen cap of the session history from my Activity page:

A you can see, this session shows only three hands played. I (supposedly, but not really) lost 40k in the first hand, lost another 60k in the second hand, and then took a 278000 pot win in the 3rd hand.

I didn’t have the table open for the first hand, so to see what happened there, I had to go and replay it.


What I see is that I’m already sitting out, I don’t have to post a blind for this hand, but my stack is already down -40k somehow. But the Activity page shows that I lost -40k in this hand, and that’s not what happened. Viewing the replay, I never put in a chip in this hand.

I click the Prev button, and find that this is not in fact the first hand I was there at the table for in this session. I find that I can go back two prior hands, but the links for these two hands are not present in my Activity page! I find the true first hand that I was seated for at this table, and it shows that I was seated in the UTG seat, auto-posted 40k to be dealt in, and then timed out because I wasn’t really there, and this is the hand where I lost the 40k. You can watch the replay for yourself:



  1. Why does the Activity page not show this hand, or the hand after?
  2. Why does it show that I lost 40k in what was actually the 3rd hand, the hand where I didn’t put in any chips at all?

By the time I get my laptop up and find the table where I’d been seated, I’m in this hand, which is the 2nd of the 3 hands that are shown in my Activity page:


I opened the table and sit in, and get dealt Q3s. My 3960000, down 40k from timing out in the true first hand. I’m to the left of the BB, and because I had been sat out for a hand, I’m required to post a BB in order to be dealt cards now that I’m sitting in. But for some reason there’s another 20k already in the middle, and it apparently came out of my stack, because with the 40k BB in front of me and the 20k in the middle, my stack is suddenly down to 3900000.


  1. I understand the rule forcing me to pay a BB when I sit back in, but why was I required to put in the 0.5 BB and why was it already in the middle, while my 1BB was in front of me?

You have to pay the “Dead Bet” of 1 SB directly into the pot if you miss both blind bets by sitting out. I think this is a common rule and makes some sense. Otherwise, you could profitably avoid the two worst positions at the table.

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