Difficult situations

in this thread you can discuss all kinds of difficult situations. no matter if it’s TPTK facing a big raise, bottom set facing a 3bet all-in on the flop on a dry board, wheter or not to fire that 3rd barrel on the river or whetever else you might think of.

you can post any situation you want, no matter if it’s a real happened one or one made up.
anything goes because this thread is meant to improve your skills.

anyone can post a new situation who likes too, but if you want to react one one that isn’t the last one posted, don’t forget to quote the one you are referring to. otherwise it will be hard to understand for the other people.

i’ll start with a situation that’s made up:
you play a 1$/2$ live cashgame. you hold AsKs. the average stack holds 200$. there are no shortstacks and you hold 216$. it’s full ring. the UTG limps. it’s folded to the MP+1 who raise to 10$. you in the CO decide to 3bet at 28$. everyone folds including the UTG. but the MP+1 calls. you don’t have great reads on him but that you assume he’s a standard tight player, he has more money then you in his stack. flop Ah 3c Jd. villain checks. you bet 36$. he thinks for a few seconds and call. turn 8h. villain checks again and you bet 60$. he calls. river is Qs. villain puts you all-in for 92$ more. hero???

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I fold as sets, aj & aq all could be played that way. Save 1/2 stack, rebuy and fight on.

Similar hand https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/328958706

Good, bad or indifferent?

The bad guy in that hand had just arrived.

One more for training

His post flop call froze me…an A or flush draw sure but his call?

Still I lost the pot.

@yiazmat. Fold on the flop, live to fight another one.

i would indeed fold too on my situation because of the same reason gokingsgo said. besides of that, the strongest thing you beat is AT, and i don’t see a tight player call a 3bet OOP with AT. besides anything less probably won’t call it all and shove the river.
@Craig_Anthony did u meant the river? there was no bet on the flop except for the one hero made itself and it was for value.

for the second one i would probably have played the same idea but only on the river i would have made a block bet instead of 1 third.

the third i wuld also played the same for the most except for one big thing: raise preflop to at least 24000. all the limpers get a good price to see the flop with almost anything. and almost always an overcard will flop to your 99. so the last thing you want is a multi way flop unless you want to setmine. but 99 has enough value of his own.

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here a new one:
i was not long ago in holland casino where i played a 90€ tournament. 36 people played it and the top 6 were ITM. there was however one hand i probably played very poorly. here it is: it’s the bubble in the tourney on the final table (7 ppl left). the blinds are already 2000/4000-600 (ante might be slightly different). and my stack holds about 28000 (7BB’s) and i’m slightly above average. there is one very short stacked person in HJ with just 2BB’s. hero holds 99 UTG. will you fold, limp or shove?

Yes that is what I meant. Sorry to confuse all.

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It depends on your table image and your reads on the other players…if you are seriously tight preflop then all in with any pair is the play with 7bb’s no matter the position. Due to the bubble it should scare everyone off unless they have a premium hand. The looser you are preflop the more inviting it is for comparable stacks to call. If 2bb’s wakes up with anything he’s in regardless of what you do which is not a bad position to find yourself going against. The tighter the table and the tighter you are the better the shove.

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agreed, i also think for sure shoving was the best decision by far.

however i was playing a scared money play on the bubble and limped instead. got called by the blinds only and had to fold it when the BB shoved on a flop of Q T ?.

probably would have won it if i shoved by folds. result based i’m happy i only limped it, but skill based i think shoving would have been much better.

as for the images, i was playing tight and on the bubble most of the table was too.
however not long before (when 8 or 9 ppl were left) i shoved 3 times fairly quickly after each other. all with good hands however, twice with TT, can’t remember the 3rd. was called once which was the 3rd time, was with one of the TT’s and was called with A5. flopped quads :slight_smile:.

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I have good days and bad days. The official diagnosis is moderate heart failure. There is a spot on my lung, which they are looking into. I am physically at about 70%. My mind is twisted as always and at about a rate of 85% with some memory loss. I have energy about 25% of the day with a lot of down times (watch CNN), drool in the corner, yoddal for twenty minutes, and then to my Hindhi lessons. I bought a set of bagpipes but they remain in their case. I can’t manage tournaments so I have become enlightened to the fact that the gods (yes folks there are many of them) have wanted me playing ring. Damn.

I remain working my job. Thanks for the this forum as you made the days brighter.



Be happy and healthy my friend. Thank you for sharing :+1:t2:

Scratch, I pray for healing and peace for you and all those you care about as you fight this battle.

Sure good to hear from you Scratch. Be sure to keep us posted when you can. I have always enjoyed chatting with you as well as playing poker. Wishing you all the best and hope to see you posting again soon.

Thanks Craig, I will try.

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Thanks GoKingsGo, I appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks Seville. You will always see me posting but I am inclined if anything to reduce the stress of playing SnGs and MTTs and will likely revert to the ease of Ring…

Sounds like a good plan Scratch. Talk soon.

**Hugs Scratch. Knew I missed seeing you on the tables. Prayers of comfort & healing. Your stories are always a treasure to read. You gave em hell, what a life you have led. Take care dear friend. **

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tc and wish u good health.