Different Levels of the thinking process in the game of Poker!

You are correct, please accept my apology

This statement I found expandes on the thinking of poker. From the book “ Decide to Play Great Poker “

Poker is a game of so many variables; table position, flop texture, the number of players in a hand, the personalities of your opponents, and so much more.

Decide to Play Great Poker teaches you how to identify and analyze those variables, interchange them within basic game-situation templates, and become knowledgeable, comfortable, and confident in any poker situation.

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Absolutely & why I felt the need to post the subject. I hope everyone will share their knowledge and methods that may assist us all to improve our game.

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I have personally Never read or even heard this book about Poker. Myself I have never read any books related to the subject of Poker, so I am not sure why this was referenced. If mine and this authors aspect of looking at the game are similar in this quick piece, that is interesting and maybe a sign from the Poker Gods that I should write a Book :slight_smile:

I am sure that this book and many others are a good avenue to retrieve knowledge to help one improve their game. If books are a way a player can receive and retain practical useable knowledge then I encourage that.

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Annie Dukes. Decide to play great poker is available free. Here’s a link to it.


Thank you, I wish I had time to read it, does it refer to the different levels of the thinking process?

Sometimes players can overthink the game and lose perspective.

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Been there many times lol

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Just enjoy yourself. It’s recreational poker here.


Absolutely, that’s why I’m here to enjoy the fellowship and trying always to improve my play in the games!



When i see almost the whole table seeing the flop for no more than the blind, and this happens regularly in EVERY pot… then I will say this is poker.

When talking during the hand (if you are in the pot), and chatting between hands is not allowed… then i will say this is real poker.

99% of the players here have no idea the scope and depth of real poker… j


Why talk strategies and poker books… they are for the real game of poker.

Have you ever seen a poker book that teaches how to play “play chip poker”?

No you haven’t because real poker plays laugh at play chip poker players.

So don’t think yourself all high and mighty because you read some poker book… you aren’t.
All of you are JUST play chip poker player… no real poker skills, just see every flop and chase every straight or flush draw.

But enjoy your game… :slight_smile:

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You’re right, it isn’t real poker. Also, I just watched the last hand you played, and you limped in, which you complained about in the very first sentence in your post, and then went all in and lost all of your chips. Would real chip poker players laugh at how you played that hand?



With a post like that I’m asking myself “ why are you here then ? “

This is free recreational poker , not an online Casino!


Exactly. I think his name says it all.



You read it wrong…

I was comparing real poker and play chip poker and questioning why anyone is posting poker strategies.

Of course I also see every flop I can… that’s the way to play, play chip poker…

Just dont compare it to real poker.

What “says it all” are you referring to?

The fact that I’m right?

Again… read the post more carefully… “can you see the words that I’m saying?” Supertramp

My reading comprehension is just fine. I actually quoted you and nothing I said wasn’t accurate about your post. You griped about other players then did exactly what you griped about and lost over 100k in chips in one hand. Did you or did you not? Another question I have for you is where have you played where chatting between and during hands is prohibited? Your quote: When talking during the hand (if you are in the pot), and chatting between hands is not allowed… then i will say this is real poker.


ok… clarification… of I ever see real poker where everyone sees a cheap flop everyhand then i will call this real poker. my WHOLE discussion for those of you who didnt get it… my post was about why post or read poker books when it doesnt apply here…

that’s it… end of discussion…

I mostly prefer to avoid framing the game in these terms, though of course what cards I have, the range of cards my opponent will have given play up to that point, and the range of cards my opponent should assume I have are important factors in structuring any sound strategy.

I like to generally focus on two broad classes of questions:

  • which range will have more of the strongest holdings, and somewhat separately, which range will have the overall advantage, on a given board
  • what parts of my range are best suited for various types of lines and bet sizes