Differences between online and real poker tournaments

Just when I get used to players playing style, behaviors, the tables rebalance and I need to re-learn the players tendencies all over again. Do real life, in person tournaments work this way? Just curious.

Usually not so fast, but yes.

That’s how “ring games” got their name. As players bust and the number of tables shrinks, it leaves a ring of empty tables around the active tourney tables. Those busting out early would form impromptu cash games at these tables… ring games.


When You have a handle on a players Style and behavior is the moment quick notes should be taken for later use…

Yes they do. The difference being you’re either going home broke or in the money to play another tournament. Not to mention the stress and intensity in a live money game is 10 fold. Both SPG and I have played in a WSOP tournament and survived the first day.


Actually, I didn’t survive the first day unless you squint. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure my bust out, at 3 AM, was the session closer for my day 1.

But if one squints, they will see that I started at noon one day, and busted out 15 hours later, early the next day. Technically then, if squinting, I survived the first day. haha


Wait… waaaaiiiiittt… THERE! I see it!!!

About $10,000 - $ 50,000 dollars for a real money poker tournament

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