Difference between SnG types

Please explain the difference between these 2 tournaments other than the name and payouts. Thanks.

Knockout you get a bounty for each player you take out . Regular higher pay out since no bounty . Both of these games count towards the Med Leader Board.3 max lower payout , faster since only 3 player and no points toward the Leader Board. Hope this helps.

Sharon is correct except they are not 3 player anything…

Genuine, basically there’s 1 difference… Bounty… what that means is if you take out another player completely in 1 hand, you are awarded a bounty back in your account bankroll, not to your stack on the table. Yes a very slight payout difference, but both pay top 3 places…

Everything else about them are the same…

SNG 3 Max Turbo is a three player game.

Ty @Sassy_Sarah and Ty @SharonSmarty

Sharon, both circled SnGs are 9 player tables… look closer…lol

maybe you should look closer at the top left hand of the screen. Which was why I also explained that 1.

Sharon, 9 things are circled yet as stated " difference of 2 tourns "… there are only 2 tourns that have all 4 things circled, and thus are the root of the question…

Knockout SnG 1 / 9 1k 7.9k
SnG Regular 3 / 9 1k 8.1k

… for whatever reason you are looking for an argument , I had answered his question , there wasn’t even a need for you to reply to it… but I will be the bigger person here and end this stupidity , so to make you happy … you are right , I am wrong … you are smart , I am stupid… Have a good night and go re answer other questions that have been answered already.

just polished and cleaned your eyeballs and rolling them back to you sharon ,maybe on the knockout games it could be set to if you knock someone out who has collected a bounty for knocking someone else out you take their bounty winnings off them and so on that the eventual winner gets 8 bountys.

lol , thanks Jim… would be lost without them. Sounds like a good idea.

Hey Sarah, its just a pickture of SnG lobby, and it show that on one tourney registred 1 player and on second tourney are 3, but if you open the lobby of each tourverment you will see that both of them payout top 3 players.

Cheers :slight_smile:


yes both 9 ppl SnGs, pay top 3… but a 3 player SNG is different.
wasn’t an arguement, just pointed out a mistake…

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Only mistake made was by you , who wanted to answer a question already answered .

Have a good day! :slight_smile:

I made no mistake, you did Sharon… get over it, plz

Get over yourself , you don’t have all the answers and aren’t as smart as you think you are . The forum is for players to help players , which was what I did . You threw the 1st punch with your nonsense.

It doesn’t help people to give bad info… that is what you did… you’re the one thats getting all bent outta shape over me correcting you… this is NOT personal Sharon, please don’t make it so… @least I can take constuctive critisizm just fine…

Sorry but I didn’t give false information , just maybe gave them more info than what they asked for. My information was correct. BTW this has become very personal .

Hey Sarah, don’t west your time with dumpers , you are an naturally smart and beautiful one , she don’t cost your attancion , you are a true leader , common go and kick asses out from Satellite leaderboard, you can do it!! I belive in you. Cheers :slight_smile: