Did we Kill the high stakes SnG games?

Aloha Paul,

I suggest that you raise the number of games from 30 up to some much higher number. I like the system but the effect of it is that it has dried up the high stakes sit and go games. Been looking for a table to join a number of different times this weekend so far…and haven’t been able to find one. Scan the leader board and I am positive that every one of those players would have played a whole lot more games if the limit wasn’t 30 games before being penalized for losses. I care more about the availability of games than that leader board. Thanks again. Love the site.

Thanks for the feedback bucksarge. In fact this is something we’ve been discussing this month, and we think a higher number for the cap it desirable because it’s more representative of a player’s ability. Hence for July, we’re going to increase it for the High Stakes by doubling it to 60 and then continue to ask players for feedback.

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Thanks for the feedback SharonSmarty… anyone else care to comment?

Currently we have: Low: 30 Medium: 60 High: 120

Let us know what you think would be the ideal levels!

We’ve changed the S&G High Leaderboard cap to 60 (from 30) for July. No other changes were made this month. But as always we’ll continue to review and listen to your much appreciated feedback!