Did i get banned?

I’ve been trying to play poker for the last few days but the games will not load. I think I was banned due to my excessive criticism of the game

I don’t think if you were banned, you’d be able to post about being banned.

not banned, ip address looks a bit funky

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If the homepage comes up and you can sign in you’re not banned.

Try support@replaypoker.com


Tons of people criticize the game, I have had as lot of interaction with the RP staff. They would never ban, or even criticize, a player for voicing their opinions. More likely they would consider the input carefully. (But constructive criticism works better, of course, than just venting and raging.)


There’s a thread for venting and raging, it’s called the “ Fairness Debate “.

Hi @SgThrasher,

We want players to have a good gaming experience. You can respond to the email I sent you yesterday if you’re still having issues with game not loading.