Did I finish 14th or 15th?

I’ve seen it do this when someone is being moved. The username disappears and everybody moves up, until they are reseated. The pop up has always been correct and the leaderboard update lags sometimes.


It did record my finish as 15th place. Your explanation makes sense. Thank you.

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Also when ppl are all in, it can show them @ 0 even tho the hand is still --IN Progress–, then as hand ends it adds them back in list. When looking @ MTT/SnG lobby, ALWAYS pay attention to the left side “players left” … not the right side, list display.

I’ve never noticed that! The lobby leaderboard always shows the number of chips in my stack, including any I’ve put into a still active pot (it updates my stack size at the end of the hand, never during, in other words). At least, as far as I have seen.

15th 100%