Diamonds are a player's best friend

Something I commented on the other day was that players in tournaments are often foolish in allowing small stacks to recover from a hopeless position, by calling their shoves unnecessarily. In this tournament I could not catch a hand to save my life, and was down to less than 400 chips fairly early on, but shoved this hand and was called by no less than 4 players, enabling me to quadruple my stack and get back, sort of, into the game, albeit with diminished status.

However I did manage to squeak a top ten finish out of the money, in a tournament of 32 players, and was eliminated on the same hand as the highly ranked player who was leading the tournament at the time of this hand. So not a bad result, all in all, considering that I only had one pocket pair (55) and just one AQ and one AJ, both unsuited, in the tournament.


I have said that at the tables many times. “y’all will be sorry you let me in the back door”. It sure is fun when you come back from single digit chips and make the final table!

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