Definitely not rigged

After reading so many comments about rigged games I tried a simple experiment. I got a new deck of cards and dealt 100 hands to six imaginary players, keeping the stats as I went along.
No blinds, bets or bluffs. No folds or raises or all-ins. No human input at all apart from the shuffle. Just the numbers.
Here are the stats if you’re interested.

Best hand preflop won only 25% of the games.
31% were won on the flop.
27% on the turn.
42% on the river.

Seat 1 20.33% wins.
Seat 2 20% wins.
Seat 3 14.83%
Seat 4 17%
Seat 5 15.83%
Seat 6 11%

There were two split hands which accounts for the fractions.

Now, Seat 6 would swear that the game was rigged against him while seats 1&2 would say that they played very well.
Neither would be right.

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