Define "rude"

What constitutes “rude” play? Must a player make a comment to be considered rude? If not, why?

From “Site Rules” (you can find the link at the bottom of any RPP page):
"DON’T do these:
Profanity, vulgarity or obscenities, retaliation or provocation, trolling or swarming
Harassment, intimidation/threats, hate chat, references to terrorism or violence
Racism or ethnic slurs, religious or political rhetoric, hack or “bash” the site
Advocate or promote drugs or illegal activities, reveal hole cards while hand is being played
Sexual content/links to porn sites, homophobic remarks, references to pedophilia, ■■■■
Insult, criticize or mock, taunt, make false/frivolous reports, cheat or collude
Name calling, personal attacks on players or their family members, perverse remarks
General rudeness, rude impatience, flooding chat line, shouting in all caps, disrupting game play"

Most refer to “comments” in chat. The exception is “disrupting game play” which can include the “bingo” play of continuously going “all-in” every hand; abuse of the timer = using all the timer every turn/street/hand.

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Rude is very subjective. Some will think that not saying ty after an nh is rude others not so much. I think rude is saying things like fu or fy when you knock someone out. If I am frustrated after a loss I just leave the table. That could be rude to some also. Aside from the rules, rude is whatever you think.

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Well, in a live game it is rude to fart at the table…on the internet, not so much…


County - thanks for the chuckle!!

I agree with you

lol :slight_smile:

What action, if any, is likely to be taken against players who continually do this? There are a number of regular time wasters playing in tournaments here.


When you encounter such activity report it. On each player’s information “bubble” there is the option to “Report”. When you make a report you should detail the issue and include, if possible, table#, event, etc. Players violating site rules are subject to various penalties as determined by RPP. All reports are reviewed and action taken as needed to ensure the site is the best experience for all members. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the response but you didn’t answer the question. I am curious to know what action is likely to be taken not how to report something to support.
So… what action will be taken is the question I ask???

If it is their first offense they are likely just warned.
I would imagine there are people that do it without realizing they’re breaking a rule.

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Is it even a rule or is it just part of being a “nice” player and following etiquette? I USED to use up all the clock, ages ago, and even I got bored with it. Now, if you see me use up the clock, it’s one of two things… a) I used one of the auto buttons and it didn’t register that I wanted to fold and I looked away and didn’t notice or b) someone at the table just went all in for not apparently reason and I’m sitting there pondering whether to actually call (doubtful) or whether to say something snarky (which I now don’t feel comfortable doing).

Thing is … I don’t see it as an offence (irritating yes but illegal no) but I was wondering if those of you who choose to act as our representatives (player reps) would ask Replay to clarify the rule. Also, as a side but related question, Am I breaking any rules when I say goodbye to them after I bust them out.
I would still like to know vtpcwizard’s answer since I quoted his comment.

I understand the frustration but the game gives players a certain amount of time to use as they see fit;;;;so I do not understand punishing a player for using something porvided by Replay…

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Well, if you say _don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out_you might be…:slight_smile:


I just read the rules in the RP Playbook and there is mention of slow play where players are asked “not to use the time clock as a method to retaliate against or provoke others”.
But there is no mention of any penalties for doing it. And also no mention of “goodbye” or any similar words as being offensive.
So I have to second @whoeverit 's questions.

1- If a player is intentionally using up the time clock all the time to irritate others, can they be reported? And what is the penalty for doing so? Specifically if it’s not their first time and they’ve been warned about it.

2- Does saying “bye”, “goodbye”, “bye bye”, “see ya”, etc… to someone after busting them out count as “offensive”? Is it punishable? And why?

I’m inclined to agree with this. I also draw a sharp distinction between doing it in ring games as opposed to in a tournament. In tournament play (especially nearing the bubble), burning the clock may be unwelcome, but it’s a widely used and accepted practice. In ring games, not so much, it’s simply viewed as a discourtesy to the other players. Maybe there could be some rational equivalent of football’s “5-yard penalty for delaying the game” for multi-time (after three warnings) offenders?

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My opinion is that unless there is some “unfriendly moniker”–like “you jerk”–attached, saying good bye has no actual meaning other than whatever the mind of the hearer provides. No one can control what someone else thinks and the easily offended can and will always find a reason to be upset. Even gg (good game) can be taken badly if sarcasm is assumed.


@Alan25main I totally agree. But is it punishable? Someone posted in another thread that they have received a warning just for saying “bye bye” to a bingo player when he got busted out. Does that mean that “bye bye” is against the rules and punishable? Of course if nothing unfriendly and offensive is attached that is.

Saying bye bye is not against the rules (as long as nothing offensive is attached). The instance you refer to either was unrelated to “bye bye” or perhaps due to something else and misrelated. I don’t know.

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