Dedicated Tournament Strategy Category

Replay Poker - would you consider creating a new category specifically dedicated to MTT Strategy? This is a part of the game that deserves to be explored, IMO. Tournament play is different than cash play and different tournament formats lend themselves to different styles. It would be nice if the tournament players on this site had a dedicated space where they could go over the various aspects of the game, ask each other questions and give advice.

This has been a great place to play so far and the people here have been exceptionally helpful in terms of giving advice. I would like to see that part of the site expand and would be happy to contribute what I can to that effort.

Thanks for the consideration.

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Good subject; I will offer my two cents.

MTTs should and do have their own strategy and tactics. A good ring player does not make a good MTT player for at least the following reason: the raising blinds and antes are an anathema to a ring player. The ring player has for a long time played knowing that the BB and rake will remain the same. They can look to other parts of the game to perfect.

But when they buy-in to an MTT they start to get lost and the longer they manage to stay in, the more they lose a sense of comfort. Suddenly they become haunted by an ever increasing big and little blind and they start to get these strange feelings of “OMG I am becoming forced to become loose.” Sooner or later they panic into making a bad all-in, like a 3-3.

The seasoned MTT player, however, already knows this and adjusts his play. An adjustment would be to start the game playing tight, loosening up after half an hour to forty minutes, and then making every attempt to first, get into the money, meaning assuring yourself that you are playing with the house’s chips and no longer your own.

Once you are playing free you will have also been assessing the value of the other players, not their stacks, their value as players (often the luckier leader starts to fade at this point). Decide how tight or loose you will play each player and never play a marginal hand until you are extremely short-stacked.

In general, following this strategy will earn you some chips.



Thanks for the feedback once again! :slight_smile: :champagne:

We are currently discussing the forum structure internally and this is definitely in line with the direction we will be taking. We wish to position Replay as a place where anyone can learn the ropes, seek advices, improve their game and share their poker experience easily. This will also go through a forum structured for it.

A first step will be to have an official forum category dedicated to poker strategy. We might keep it as a one single and broad strategy category at first. If it gets some momentum - which we certainly hope - we will definitely consider breaking this main category down into mulitple strategy sub-categories such as tournament strategy, omaha stategy, heads-up strategy etc.

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Thanks again for the quick response. I do think it would be helpful and allow MTT players the forum to discuss that particular brand of poker. Like Scratch said, the differences between cash and tournament poker are enormous. Since such a large part of this site involves MTT play, it would seem logical to have a place to discuss it.

It behooves everyone to help increase the level of awareness, knowledge and strategy. Rather than complain about people who don’t know how to play, let’s give them a place to learn. Of course that’s just for people who want to learn. We’ll just keep taking the chips of those who don’t :slight_smile:

“general poker chat” isn’t already the place prolly to start threads on strategies ?

As of right now, it probably is. However, it is fairly common for people to respond to clear directions, instructions and signs. It happens online and in the real world as well. Many people, if they are not sure of something, simply will not ask and will not try. Say you put out a table with a plate of cookies on them in a shop. No signs indicating what they are for, how much they are or even what they are. Most people will walk right past the plate whether or not they might be interested in a cookie.

If you take the same plate in the same store and put up a sign that reads, 'Free Organic Gluten Free Cookies - Take one and Enjoy", then people will partake. Its the same thing everywhere. To foster more of the behavior you would like, you need to give people both the directions and the explicit permission. Plus, having a dedicated section will give MTT players a sense of community in this specific place. They will feel important enough to merit a category of their own and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they made use of their new “home”.

Its all about the psychology of the average user. You are probably someone very confident with the site already and would just take a shot because of that comfort. Many people are afraid to make mistakes or been seen as naïve or foolish. Help take away some of those concerns and they will likely participate. Just my thoughts on the matter. Well, plus the fact that I’d like it myself :slight_smile:

It is, although there’s some confusing language I’m planning on getting rid of (“NOT related to Replay Poker”, for instance – discourages people from talking about their hands, etc.), and renaming it for clarity, based on some feedback we got from @SunPowerGuru and other things we’ve found in doing some research.

As @Shakeraise1 mentioned, we’ll probably just start with that and see if enough discussion gets going that warrants adding more specific categories. We don’t want any dead sections that don’t really get much activity. We’ve gotten some great feedback from a lot of you on how we can generate more discussion here, so it’s definitely a possibility for the future!


I and others prolly don’t like to discuss some strategy/hands , for the simple fact that I don’t want to write the “how to beat Sarah” post myself. I have found that I do censor myself more lately because I don’t want to write that post. its also why I hate having any replay of my hands accessable to everyone with 1 click. If someone wants to see my strategy, then come play against me or I guess ( be really lame ) and just come watch me play.

I got 1 huge way to increase traffic to the forum… have the links for it in a different place on the main replaypoker page. I think that whole page needs a tune-up. Tons of ppl never scroll down to see the forum stuff, and just pop to the lobby tab. 1 person said to me a few weeks ago " I been here over a month, I didn’t even know there was a forum." , go figure.

PS: Fizzy, the 1 biggest thing needed on that page is not just a link to the lobby of any current games involved in, but a 1 click option to re-join without being forced to open the specific MTT lobby 1st. I routinely need to close ALL browser tabs to stop replay from crashing, when I start seeing it Lag @ the tables. (About every 45-60 minutes)

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The idea of adding a strategy section was more to let the forum drive traffic to the site, not the other way around.

However, I do agree that getting more existing players to use to forum is a good thing.