Deactivating my account

thinking about deactivating my account where can I send my chips too

They return to the point of origin.

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This is true, I asked.

origin of where? would be great if I can donate them to a friend

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Back to Replay to resell.

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Poker is tuff sometimes,sleep on it and i hope you dont leave! Poker is so beautiful game!


Old players leave, new players come. It’s the circle :o: of life my friend.


Old players simply fold up.

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Yup by natural or unnatural causes.

“One by one, our old friends are gone. Death, natural or not, prison, deported. Hyman Roth is the only one left, because he always made money for his partners.”
Dominic Chianese - Johnny Ola

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Thanks everyone for your replies. I sometimes don’t get the time to sit and play, recently retired so just trying to take the time to enjoy what I missed when working long hours. Poker is an avenue but I thought I would take a break from it all.
Too much to do. I will keep my account for now…see ya sometime! Poker on ya all…have fun!!


Sometimes it’s more stressful than it’s worth.

Enjoy retirement and stay healthy :+1:t2:


Can’t be passed. You can probably surmise why. That would be an easy way to game the system unfairly. So, they’re just absorbed back into the Replay Poker treasury.


seems odd you can buy for a friend but cant gift to a friend

how you doing I’m a beginner here and getting to know the game still a little cloudy in parts but if you are going to deactivate your account it’ll be great if you would send me the chips as a late birthday gift sorry to hear that you would be deactivating though

Don’t forget your old buddy Squeaky53! lol I never played on-line until I retired and had the time. Too busy working to play. I’m jealous that you could play BEFORE retiring. Volunteering w/local civic groups, food bank, kid shelter, etc. helped me keep active. Now, sometimes I wonder how I had time for an occupation. Stay healthy bbq and gl.

No can do !

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Give your log in info to your friend & let him/her play your account.

Well, a purchase benefits the site. Gifting a friend your chips, like I mentioned above, could be gamed. People are less likely to game the system if it costs them real cash money.

Glad to hear you are staying with us BBQ, I’ve been there, especially when I retired, life changed a lot and for the good!!. Sometimes we may need a break. We will be here waiting for you to join the tables and fellowship again:)