De combien est mon équité sur une table? translation: How much is my equity on a table?

Lors de mes sessions, je ne parviens jamais à rester longtemps sur une table; même en jouant serré passif. Je voudrais savoir combien je peux espérer gagner de jetons sans avoir à faire de rebuy ?
During my sessions, I never manage to stay long on a table; even when playing passive tight. I would like to know how many chips can I expect to earn without having to rebuy?
I would like some advice from experienced players.
Thank you for your reply. : smiley_cat:

Hi @Le_Rouge_0,

I’m not sure that anyone can answer this question as it is written but I understand that 10BB/100 hands is considered a “really good” return by professionals playing online. On Replay, I’d suggest that 20 or even 30BB/100 hands is easily achievable.

You might want to investigate some basic tutorials though as I think that passive, tight is about the least profitable “strategy” that you could use.

Hope this helps,