Daylight Saving Time

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For many countries itโ€™s that time of the year again.
This weekend some of us will have one hourโ€™s less sleep when the clocks are put forward one hour to allow for Summertime.
If you want to be sure if this applies to you, please click on this link for more info.

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Very interesting link. Thank you for posting it.


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Isnโ€™t it โ€œTIMEโ€ we stopped doing this? Enough!! #dontmesswithmyclock


They should just put it forward Half an hour and then leave it aloneโ€ฆ


Long days / short days, every bodies not satisified. keep it going.

In my state, Massachusetts they are doing studyโ€™s to see if we should ditch Daylight Savings and stay on one time zone without Daylight Savingโ€™s year round.

We would need other close states like New Hampshire and Connecticut to be on board as well because of how close we are to each other. I live about 15 minutes from the New Hampshire / Massachusetts boarder so it would be confusing to go to New Hampshire which would be in a different time zone than go back home to Massachusetts. You can see how it would be confusing.

Itโ€™s unlikely any vote would pass to ditch Daylight Savingโ€™s in my opinion but I wish it would because itโ€™s just annoying having to deal with the time change not to mention all the clocks and watches I have to change when Daylight Savingโ€™s occurs.


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In Australia our clocks go back an hour on April 1st, good thing this year it over the Easter break so I have a few days to get my old body adjusted :slight_smile:

Cheers Les

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