Dashboard graph and activity report show different losses

My activity report shows I lost about 73,000 chips yesterday, which I believe is correct. The dashboard graph shows a loss of 146,000. I don’t know which is controlling my ranking or how many chips my total has been reduced by. Do you? Why the inconsistency?

Hi hank

I’ll send this for you to support@replaypoker.com., there they can investigate and see what happened.

Greetings Happiness.

We’ll double check what we used to calculate those figures. It could be that the graph is on a different time zone than the stats on the Get Chips page. I think it should all be the same, and if not, at least have some explanation as to how it’s calculated. Leave it with us, we’ll get back to you shortly.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Proift/loss graph inaccurate. I think the dashboard profit/loss graph is wildly inaccurate. I did not lose 13,000 overnight while I slept. Pretty sure it is not just me thinking I did better than I really did. I was on an upswing rush when I quit. Thanks. Love the site!

Thanks for reporting the issue. We’ve got it on our to-do list to investigate, as we’ve had a few complaints about it. I hope we can get it straightened out shortly.