Dare to answer

Why do I like replaypoker !

Best free poker site hands down


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been playing for two years
there is a pattern
do I think winners are pre set yes
still good cheap entertainment
for a old fart


**Always a game available; most r friendly players; great helpful staff, very well run site **


I play poker to nurture my inner sociopath.

I play here because I get irritated with the constant stream of blinking, obnoxious ads on the other free sites.

Of the 7 people living in my head, 5 of them think this is the best free poker site, 1 just growls when I ask him (it?), and the 7th just smiles and says some weird hippy crap, such as, “Anger is a gift. If you refuse a gift, to whom does it belong?” or, “When a pickpocket meets a Holy Man, he will see only the pockets.”

We are convinced that most of the players here would smell slightly like old cheese in real life, so playing online is definitely the better way to go.

I love you all and only want you to be happy!

Sorry, that was the hippy me. Freakin’ hippies.

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That’s not true in real poker and it’s not true here. Look at WSOP on ESPN or You Tube. In any poker game if you call the other player’s bet, you put your money in and he shows you his cards. If he beats you, you don’t have to show him your cards. Likewise on a raise. If you raise and he calls your raise, he only has to show you his cards if he beats you. If you are the one who initiated the bet or the raise it’s your responsibility to show your cards first. If you beat his hand, he doesn’t have to show his because, since you won, he is conceding that result. The only time both players show their pockets is when you both go all in.

In short, as long as you win the hand, you have no right to see what your opponent was holding.

If you call a bet or raise, you have the right to see their hand.

On Replay, this seems to happen automatically, which is perfectly alright.

In live poker, you will sometimes see someone get called and muck anyway. Allowing this is a matter of courtesy, but I have seen many times where the other player insists on seeing the hand, and it’s always shown if he does. It’s considered bad form, but it’s 100% within his rights to see if he or she called.


cant argue there

I play on Replay , because I love Poker and Replay lets me play it for FREE. If you spend all your Poker time on Pokerstars or 888 or Betfair , you will eventually go insane , all online poker seems as if it is rigged you just gotta play your hand the best you can .If you’re in a $20 dollar real money sit n go on Stars or 888 nd the river gets you again you will become angry . So I ask you , why not play for free here on Replay and remember is for fun and the easiest way to have fun is by winning , so cut out the fishy stuff(Me included , I never seem to bring the A game to free poker) an added hidden bonus to Replay is the other players who all seem friendly and up for banter, which just makes the game that little bit more fun. A final word on FIXED games so on, dont be beatin up Replay , I recently viewed a video on youtube of a pro live event where a Queen of clubs came out on the flop AND another Queen of clubs on the turn actually LMAO. And you guys give out bout a free site being rigged

yeah i’ve seen that video too but that casino used two decks with the same color on the back (both blue, rather than one red one blue) so they just got the decks mixed up. All hands were declared dead, but what’s really interesting is whether they deciced to roll back to the point of washing the deck or not. (because someone who might’ve lost a lot of money before the 2x queen came might claim rigged deck, as odds change as well when there’s 53 cards in deck and club flushes have better odds, the casino would probably have to deal with lawsuits etc."

Where are the friendy chatty players located? Seems every table I sit at its like everyone is mute lol

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I’m not sure if this is where I can ask this question but. I like playing Replay Poker but just about every time I play I seem to get a lot of “lagging”. Is this my computer or the site. Any help would be grateful. Thanks !

Just say hello , but as you said some tables are mute and take things a touch to seriously and what I do there is annoy the heart and soul out of the whole table with absolute empty minded nonsense!!! Someone will eventually break and talk to ya.:yum:
But a word to the wise I have been muted a number of times!!!:confounded: So if someone gets mad at ya , don’t rip em a new one for the pure craic of it, be nice and your golden

One guy actually reported me for complete harmless nonsense , most would have known I was merely joshin’ but not this guy . So I get muted again and I retaliate with the stupidest retaliation possible. I literally report abuse on my accuser stating that he is Too Ugly to Win and his profile picture is too ugly and it offends my eyes :grin: In hindsight, Ok not the smartest move ever , I was bored and I thought it was funny and maybe Replay might have seen where I was coming from…

Replay was NOT amused. :neutral_face:

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turn off the lobby when you are playing. i have an older lap top and must turn off lobby or it gets laggy.

Thank You boatdrinks, I tried doing what you said. It helped a lot ! I still have some but not near as much now. Not many other poker sites will help a person out like that! Thanks again !

step into harleys room

LMAO good answer you animal you !