Daily Million Satellite - 8 Daily Million Ticket

hey gais. i gest Now won a Daily Million Satellite - 8 Daily Million Ticket st1 what is thet Mean? coz i didnt get any chips. help Please…

Hi goey

In the Daily Million Satellite and in the Daily Million Freeroll you win only tickets, no chips.

With a ticket you can register for the Daily Million tourneys (tourneys show in red on the multi table tournament page) , these tourneys have an 1 million guaranteed prize pool. Buy-in is 1 ticket or 15.000 chips. And on Sunday 1 million is added to the prize pool. (this Sunday even 2 million)

Greetings Happiness.

Thank you very mach!

You can read more here goey: http://www.replaypoker.com/promotions/daily-millions

We’re also running a special Christmas promotion this week that use the tickets too: http://www.replaypoker.com/promotions/ssb-santa-s-daily-millions