Daily cash

A while ago there were daily cash tournaments advertised on replay, which i’m not sure ever took off, but I would love it if there were actual cash prizes obviously. I would be willing to pay a small monthly fee for such a thing- would anybody esle? Maybe if enough people agree we gcould get something going?

what happened to the daily cash tournament, and how come it never got off the ground. i wold def. pay a small monthly fee if there were cash prizes or something to that effect? Maybe other players could comment on whether or not they’d be wiling to pay a small amount as well. Also what exactly r the laws concerning cash rewards?

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i love the idea but i believe online betting for cash is against the law in the usa…but i could be wrong…all the best

We had plans to start offering subscription poker (monthly subscription with the chance to win real cash prizes), this is legal in the US (check out sites like pureplay.com and clubwpt.com) but we’ve put that on hold while we continue to develop our poker platform, making it more scalable, more robust and with more features. We’re working every day on improvements, and little by little we’re getting better and better. Great things are in store over the next few months!!! :slight_smile:

money is not awarded for pureplay or clubwpt in the usa…prizes inlieu of money are awarded…nonetheless, enjoy …

Well, they offer money prizes is actually what I meant. So winners of tournaments can win cash prizes. Not the same thing as real money poker I know but the next best thing at the moment. The reason they can do that is that they operate under the sweepstake laws as they always provide a free alternative means of entry.