Cut off is horrible

Bleeding Me starts at 4:30 I tried to register at 4:31 - 23 players on 3 tables - if my math is right that is 27 seats. I have spent a ton on this sight and when cut out of an opportunity think it is horrible. Who in your organization would make these decisions ?

It is not about the free seats, it’s about the reserved seats.

When a tourney starts, there are seats reserved for players who enter by late registration. At the moment 10% is reserved (can be filled up very quickly) players can enter in the time what stands for the late registration (5 or 10 mins), when the seats (the 10%) are filled up within that time the late registration is done.

Rather i see a late registration for x minutes and not for reserved seats, but that is not available on the site yet.

Thanks for the answer happiness. Just to add, we plan to move back to 20% seats on Weds after we upgrade one of our servers in the morning. There will be a short downtime but we’ll announce all the details shortly.