Custom Bet Size Buttons For Pre-Flop and Post-Flop

Dear Replay Poker,

It would be great if we can configure our own custom bet size buttons.

Instead of the default:
Min, 1/2 Pot, Pot and Max.


You can, that’s what the slider is for.


I think he means adjusting what the buttons are/ how many there are.

I agree that it would be great if you could customize other buttons like 1/4 pot, 1/3 pot, 2x pot. whatever the users most frequent sizings are. I find myself being often limited to half-pot or full pot bets when i would prefer a more precise sizing, just because the slider can be very finicky and can quickly pass my desired bet size. I think another solution would be if the slider was scaled logarithmically, so that moving the slider some distance from 0- 100% pot moves your bet size a relatively smaller amount allowing for more precise choice, then as you cross 2xpot a small change in slider distance will create a much larger bet size difference. This would allow for more precision using the slider between range of 0 and full pot, as you start to over bet the pot I think precision can be sacrificed to make slider more useful for smaller sizings.
As of now the slider is scaled linearly to your total chip amount, quickly jumping past useful sizings, capping the range of the slider, scaling it differently, or adding the option for customized buttons would be an awesome addition to replay.

You do know you can type your bet in right ?

yes, i did know that. and that’s what i do most of the time.
Just agreeing with Kirit0e, that it would be convenient to choose your own button sizings. I understand there isn’t enough need for this addition to make it any sort of priority. But the slider, from my experience, is too coarse when trying to select a size and isn’t useful. I just think it would be more ideal to have the slider more finely tuned in the range of common bet sizes, or to have the ability to customize the buttons, or even just have a plus button next to the slider that moves it 10% of the pot per click or something.
Typing in the bet works perfectly fine, only problem being that the clock sometimes runs low as i decide a bet and type it in. I have mistakenly checked while trying to choose a bet size and type it in.
Don’t mean to be annoying, just brainstorming with the community for suggestions I would also appreciate for gameplay.
Thanks Craig


Great explanation and I see your point. Hope there becomes a happy medium for all.
You’re welcome.