Two questions. 1. Why show your hand if you win? I heard there was a reason to do this. I just thought it was for bragging rights. 2. What do they mean by High Stakes, Medium Stakes and Low Stakes players? I see these titles under the players Icon of themselves.

I sometimes show my hand to prove I was not bluffing. As for the stakes go it has to go with the number of the chips you have,


Thank you.

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You are welcome

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You only have to play one high stakes game and the high stakes stays with you. At least in my case.

This is my understanding of this label except I’m uncertain if only one time will always qualify you for the highest designation.

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Ok, so how do I play a high stakes game, that I’m sure I will be turned into a fish. Is there a table buy in, like some of the ones that say 50,000k buy in? Is that what it means. Sorry, for asking such dumb questions, but I’m just trying to figure out all the little nuances on this site. Thanks for getting back to me and enjoy the rest of your day. Jack.

If you go to the Lobby page unclick Favs then click on Buy-in: All or Stakes: All (Ring games). The buy-in designations are noted there but I’m unsure if that is the criteria being used.

I don’t think that’s the case in general. You can always contact support and give it back :joy:

May I suggest that you go to the drop down menu located to the right of your avatar on your dashboard (top right corner). There you will see in the bottom quarter ‘Help Centre’, click on that and a variety of topics will come up. Good luck and welcome to the site!

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I have a question of my own…how many times can aplayer reload in one day the free 2500?

Not sure what you mean by reload? The daily bonus is given once a day.

When you run out of chips you can top up. I think it’s 5 times now, could be more or less.

Hi Colby,
Not sure if this will answer your question but this is info I have found in ‘Replay Poker, Getting Started’

There are a few different ways you can get free chips on Replay Poker:
1. Visit daily. Collect a daily bonus of up to 2,500 chips.
2. Refer friends. For every friend you invite who signs up, we give you AND your friend a bonus of 10,000 chips.
3. Get a free top-up Anytime you have less than 500 chips, click the Get Chips button to top-up with as many as 2,500 extra free chips.

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You can get 2500 chips everytime you fall below 500??? That’s ridiculous and that’s why we have so many all ins.Why do people buy chips when you can get 2500 all day long when below 500!
My eyes are rolled so far back i can see yesterday lol

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