Credit for chips won on sit&go event today (12-13-13)

I reported this problem earlier. Around 3 pm today I won a sit&go event. I should have received 7,000+ chips but it looks like that same amount was deducted from my bank a/c. Help! :slight_smile:

Should be added, you have to wait for staff member in next week . ( I think add to bank chips is not real time, so, you may have to wait few min)

Your previous thread about similar issue been checked, and staff member marked as “not a problem” I guess they agreed on my post.

Was it this tournament TooBad?..

Here’s our bank record:

Created at (EST -05:00) Username Reason Change Description Operation Total Chips Dec 13, 2013 15:01 TooBad mtt 3,780 prize from mtt: 152239 deposit 6,712,308

So we did credit you the 3,780 chips prize.