Create "queue" option

You know that situation when there’s only 1 table on med or high where people are playing, or you want to join a friend. And of course it’s full again. So you’re patiently waiting for someone to leave. When someone does, the seat gets taken by somebody else who quickly buys in with a minimum stack. This can be really frustrating imo. Since people care about re-stock for who are already playing why not create a fair “queue” system; the first to sign up gets to join first too. 20 seconds to take a seat should be reasonable. Maybe it would also be nice to see how much people are waiting to join that table. Let me know how you all feel about this idea.

so what happens when some people are just watching? they are holding up the players who want to play?

No, was thinking about an option. So you can set if you’d like to play.

I like it…first the re-buy…when that player decides not to play after he lost all his chips …the first on waiting list can have that seat. …the same as a player leaves the room.