Create Fixed Limit and Pot Limit Tables

Have actual FIXED limit and CAP game tables… Most all people on here just ship their stack and pray… Fixed Limit Hold em will actually require a person to use their brain and skill to take a hand… A monkey can hit the all in button every hand… I think with these type tables the true poker players would sit down at and utilize their skills… On other sites most Fix Limit & Cap games are where the big boys play… This would seperate the poker players from the bingo goons… JMO

look here, vote, comment; and this;

That has nothing to do with what I talked about…Yes its says stop the all-in but its says nothing about “real” fixed or cap games… Yes I do see others have said all-in bingo is ridiculos but u missed mt point Marcipan… Txs

No , I don’t missed your point. On the ‘‘Stop lotto-all in’’ thread I made a similar comment with yours before but delete it as I find out we got FL ring rooms… please have a seat. If you want to see different bet-s in FL ; Punisher and Happiness scheduling the upcoming new rooms, tell them or open new thread about it . Regards

Yes I am talking about a game where the Pre-Flop is PL (POT LIMIT) ex: Blinds are 100/200 u can only raise 2x big blind or 2x the raise capped at a set amount. Then Post-Flop option would be an ALL IN No Limit game… So u have a Cap game and NL game into 1 game… They have this on other sites and its one of the most popular tables… So I’d say u didn’t understand my original post… Its a mixed game to play that control all in pre-flop bingo play!!!

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Awesome idea… I have played Poker Stars and they have a format table as u mentioned with Capped and limit pre flops & NL after… This would at least put a decent amount of chips in preflop and post flop be able to either play or fold… I love the Tables and thats the best way to go… And yes the better players at Ft and Stars play these tables to avoid the all in pre-flop bafoons on every hand… All of them also play capped games PL omaha which would be a better option on here in my opinion… If u have accts on the other sites check these tables out

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Thanks I8upurloot for the suggestion. It sounds like a great addition to the site. I’d like to hear from other players to get a sense of how popular these might be.

I know PL and FL and i think we need more Fixed Limits tables in low, not Pot Limit. becouse they rasie all and then its all in too. Capped games i never did but i gonna try that:)…Just read about it.

Happiness, we can definitely consider changing the schedule for that, perhaps you know someone who can help? :wink:

I gonna ask around and let you know:)

I understand about the all-in issue, but I am finding more success with this game for one reason. Sit and wait play solid hands and look for a lock and those guys will give you the chips. Try folding 55-60% at those games and wait for them to set you up and let you limp in and take the chips.

I am so tired of the bingo players that I’m spending less time on the site now. Which is good in the respect I’m actually getting some projects done around the house but, I really, really like poker. So, I went searching tonight for tables that were fixed or mixed limits. There are several tables available but, no one was sitting at any of them. So, my question is, why aren’t more of us at those tables since we don’t like the bingo players? How can we best get organized to let others know that we could play on the other tables, that aren’t NL? Any one? @MrReplay