County's golden rules of poker

My very own rules…use them to your advantage…

It is just a game that requires little thought...if you have an Ace ... bet big..

Do not worry about losing…Replay will give you more chips tomorrow…

Drink as much as you like while playing…

Play in the biggest game you can, that is how to build a bankroll… grinding is for suckers…

Do not let a big bet run you out of a pot…he is probably trying to make you fold and you don’t want to look like a weakling ( I use the term weakling but we all know what I mean)


These rules may have a golden color, but they sure are not golden. They’re not solid, and they’re not gold. They must be something else ( I use the term something else but we all know what I mean) :wink:


hahaha this?




Well, you people may not think much of my rules but there are a lot of players on this site who abide by them religiously…


That no one can argue with.


haha can’t argue with that either :slight_smile:

LOL, your cool.

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I have seen many players that play just like you said. I sometimes bluff just as forceful as I can. So you never know unless you call me down

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I’ve some general rules…usually play better/have more fun with a few beers, keep them in stock :slight_smile:
Play larger games when possible, up to 10% of your bankroll, tends to be less idiot bingo players. :wink:
Play position! I rarely play ace/rag out of position.
You can certainly bluff when on the button, or last to bet after flop.
Play your gut! If you have any instinct, you know what I mean :wink:
I’d go up against a big bet, but if you’re empty after the flop, that tends to bite you in the arse.
Be courteous and enjoy your time, it’s free after all

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keep breathing…fold to the money…win at the end!!!

play your cards…not the bet
smile…its only a game
NEVER check and raise, it’s dirty poker
playing the low end of a straight is a fools game
filling a straight is one of the biggest rushes of the game
***these were all taught to me by my dad and when I play poker, I can still hear his voice…Laugh at me if u want but its one of the reasons I love to play

never check raise? lul whut. you’re joking.


Never check raise? lol, that;s how to play, it’s certainly not dirty poker, nothing really is :slight_smile:

Unless you play poker in the mud :joy:

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just take bags of mud with you for the players you get a bad beats from, don’t have to explain what to do with the bags :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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