Could we limit the late comers please, at least sometimes?

Miri, I think you are incorrect. The more that play the less you win not the more you win which is one reason to not like the late registration. What seems like a good return when there are 20 or 30 becomes not so good with 120.

I believe she was referring to the prize pool eddie. The more people register, the higher the prizes are (and more positions are paid as well). If you have 20 players only the top 3 or 4 are paid, but when you have 120 players at least the top 10 positions are paid, and the prizes are higher.

But that is not correct. The more positions are paid at the expense of the other positions. The pool does increase some until the next level of positions paid. For example, The pool will increase some between 10 paid positions to 15 paid positions; however, when the 15 level is reached all other paid positions are reduced in payout.

Best to prove my point with numbers, so here is an example of why I disagree @eddie72

I recently played 2 tourneys, both 25k buy-in.

First tourney: only 6 players registered, the prize pool was 138.8K, and the paid places were Top 2: first got 97,125 chips and second got 41,625 chips.

Second tourney: 8 players registered, the prize pool was 185K, and the paid places were Top 3: first got 92,500 chips, second got 55,500 chips and third got 37,000 chips.

While you are right that some top paid places would get less chips (like first place in this example got less chips, but slightly less, not that far off), other paid positions get more chips (second place got more in this example, significantly more), and there was a third position that was paid as well.

So all in all, more places are paid, more chances of winning, and bigger prize pool.

I do understand your point of view, and agree that with more players it’s more difficult to win and some positions might get slightly lower prizes, but I believe that there are more benefits in a bigger prize pool and more paid positions than there are disadvantages.

Keeping in mind that between the start time and the end of the grace period, the number of players doesn’t increase dramatically. You never get 20 players at the start time and end up with 120 players after the late registration. It’s always a reasonable amount of players added to the ones already registered and the prize pool stays within a logical distribution that works for everyone.

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I just did this for the 50K buy-in just for the first 5 minutes of late registration
Game begins with 11 players- with this payout
1 750,000
2 450,000
3 300,000
I have to only beat 8 players to have 6 times my buy-in

After 5 minutes
20 players
1 675,000
2 375,000
3 262,000
4 187,500
Now to finish 3rd I have to beat 17 players to win less money
This pattern continues until the end of the 15 minute registration
On games with a 5K buy in often triple the number of players that start the game will register late. Many times I have started with just thirty players and by the end of registration there be well over 100 players. The more positions paid means less money for each position and the more players you have to beat for a reduced return on your buy in

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In the example you give the number of players at the beginning and after 5 minutes is within the guaranteed prize pool of 1,000,000 chips (20 players x 50,000). If more players than 20 had joined until the end of the registration time, there would have been higher prizes and more places paid.

I don’t know if I am right, but I am sure there are experts here who can correct me.

In any case, for me this is not the main point. Many people here, included me, play during a break from work or some other commitments. It is very agreeable that we don’t miss our favourite tourneys because we are occasionally a couple of minutes late.

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As miri said, you are confusing guaranteed prize with added prize pool. In the example you gave, the GTD was 1.5M, which would be divided among the top paid places no matter how many players join. In this case, the more winners there are, the lower the prizes are, because they’re taking shares of the same fixed amount, I totally agree.

But that’s not the case when the prize pool is added, like in the example I gave you. In such cases, the more players join, the higher the prizes.

GTD and added prize pools are different. And yes you’re right about GTDs. But as others have already suggested, if having more players than at the start time bothers you, you could always wait until the end of the grace period to register, and by then you would already know how many players will be in the tourney. Or you can choose to play tournaments with added prize pool instead of GTD in which case the prizes will keep increasing along with the number of players.

Personally, when I register to a tournament I like to play, I really don’t care if at the beginning there are 3 places paid and after the end of the late entry there are 4 or 5 that are paid a bit less. It’s still fun to play and if I win, I’d still be winning significantly.

And I have to agree with miri, I wouldn’t want to miss playing my favorite tourneys just for being a few minutes late, and the late entry grace period works great for me too. 5, 10 or 15 minutes late entry time shouldn’t be so upsetting for anyone, even when the number of players increases from 11 to 20, or from 30 to 50, in my opinion :slight_smile:

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Like Miri and others I like the late registration too for I play mostly from work. But my example I gave of the 50K game certainly does more to support the OP’s argument than it does Miri’s. I prefer to play MTT games with larger numbers of players but not because I think it is a better return on my buy in

Yep. Your example of the 50K game with 1.5 M GTD supports the OP’s argument. And my example of the two 25k games with increasing prize pools supports Miri’s argument.
So there are tourneys that support each argument, and one can always choose the tourneys that suit their taste the most and play them.
The OP could choose to play tourneys with added prize pools and their problem would be solved. Whilst you, Miri, and I don’t seem to mind playing all types of tourneys, and our lives are apparently easier :wink:

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very well stated thanks…made my point better than I did