Could some one explain this to me?

The reason we have various table values is to allow everyone to play at their level of comfort. That being said , could someone tell me why 5000 chip players are sitting at 2/4 tables. The buy-in is clearly stated as 200-800 chips, so how can they bring that many there? Also, it seems their sole purpose is to bully players with lower stakes. There should be a clear and solid rule that you can never bring more chips than listed on the board! If you want to play 5,000 chips, then go to a 5,000 chip table! otherwise, you’re a piece of slime! Comments are welcome, trolling is not!

If the buy in is 200-800 that means u have to put up at least 200 to play with a MAX of 800 … if u see a player there with 5000 chips there have been there a very long while !!! they had a max start of 800 … this goes for all ring games … hope this answers ur question … Take Care Goat

and one more thing: Why would someone bet 500 chips against an opponant with only 200? that’s not betting, that’s bullying!!!

there is a limit to how much u can buy in with at all the tables, perhaps u did not notice

They will have joined the table with the allowable buy-in and have had a few big wins to increase their stack to 5k. If they leave the table and return within an hour they will be seated with the 5k they left with. This is a measure taken to prevent “rat-holing” which is the removal of chips from the table during the game. Almost all casinos have this rule.

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They call this ‘effective stacks’ The fact the bettor has more than the opponent does not help them because the caller can only ever bet 200.

The concept of playing a short stack in a table where everyone else has much more is widely debated and more often than not the shortstacker gets bad press because they are seen to be avoiding risking as much as the standard stack players.


short stackers are NITS
NITS are bad for the game
don’t be a NIT

@cpnaples Please don’t take offense but all of your logic here is flawed. I think maybe the real issue is you’re not properly bank rolled for whatever stakes you’re playing at.

Simply go to another table where all stakes are entry level. Not unusual someone will excel and soon have 15-20X average stack. If you are never that player there might be other issues you need to look into.

Could you list some of those possible issues?