Copy an paste chat logs

Isnt there a way where you can make it possible for players to copy an entire chat log for like issues with other players while they are on a certain table,makes reporting much easier so moderators an staff can see the entire chat

When you send a hand id, table id or player id and the day it happened moderators and staff can look back the entire chat, looking back the chat of one hand is not always enough to see what was going on.

A screenshot would work, but yeah, we get a lot of that information when you use the Report Abuse tool. The best thing you can include is a brief description of the problem, making sure their username is included in the report (either by starting it from their name/profile or typing it.) – we’ll go back and take a look at the hand, the chat around that time, and their moderation history, etc, regardless. =)

If you feel like context might help, feel free to include that. It’s often hard to know the “vibe” if you weren’t at the table when something happened… or heck, it can be tough when you are there!