Conveniences We Can't Do Without

Hi everyone. In today’s world, we have all these wonderful inventions to make our lives easy. It wasn’t until an incident occurred where I was working, that I realized how much we take things for granted. I was working when all of a sudden, the building lost power and communications at the same time. My employer asked us to do what work we could do without those 2 “conveniences”. It took a whole 5 minutes for us all to be sitting at our desks looking at each other because without power and communications, there was no work we could do. So, our employer sent us all home for the day. The question is, what one modern “convenience” could you absolutely not do without no matter what?

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I thought it would be easy to name loads of things, not just one, that I could not do without, but do you know, when push comes to shove there are very few things except the electricy you mention that I could not do without, if you are talking necessity rather than inconvenience and making tasks easier.
Washing machines, cookers, microwaves, cars - all things I take for granted but with a bit of old fashioned ingenuity I could manage without.
Perhaps the only thing I would really miss would be my Computer!

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There’s always a way around it like having a generator when the power goes out.

At home, turning on the water is something we take for granted. Without it, it would be a chore

to truck it in like in this example…

Indoor flush toilets, electric lights, refrigeration, modern medicine…

Great question! I have to say water.

We had our water heater burst…well, leak all over the ground level floor of our townhome. Naturally we had to cut the water off…and it was connected to the MAIN. Going a day without being able to flush toilets is something I never want to do again! We had a plumber in to add a turn off specifically for the water heater! We also now have a tankless water heater.

Motorbikes :motorcycle:

Hi Grapevine. I agree with you there. My computer was down for a week and I did not know what to do with myself during that time. Thank you for your response.

Hi Excaliburns. You are right there. Without water, there are a lot of things we could not do. Thank you for your response.

Hi das32343. They are a lot of good answers. It is funny that we don’t think of those things until we don’t have them anymore. Thank you for your response.

Hi cmdealin. Water is definitely a necessity and again, until we don’t have it, we don’t know how much we miss it. Thank you for your response.

Hi swamptrash. It is interesting how everyone deems different things that are necessities to them. Thank you for your response.

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