Contol of "Friend" list

Some how I have about 20 (maybe more) people on my friend list that I didn’t know I had. I got no notice, nor was I asked if I wanted to accept them as a friend. Is there a setting I missed that says Welcome to my friends list, any and all players are welcome to get into my profile?
Basically, I would like to know if there is a sure way to modify and control MY Friend list. I have to spend the time now taking people off of my list that I haven’t even spoken with. It’s annoying and time consuming.

NO, If they are on your friends list, Then you must have accepted them, Make sure it doesn’t say “showing 20* friendships” or any different *number, these are people requesting to be you your friend, but you must click on each & accept to move to friends list.

Showing friendship the peoples pic’s will be at top of page, with “request” above it.
Friends will be a little lower with the word “Friends” above it.


Another way, If you were at a table with them and clicked their “add to friends” button and they accepted you, but you would probably know if you did that.


Yes, exactly, I would know, and wouldn’t question it. Fact is that I have sent maybe 5 friend requests out, and received 3 yet have 30 + people on my friends list. No explanation known by me as to why.

I have seen nothing like you described, and have pressed the accept button 3 times. I haven’t received any more requests for friends aside from the three I accepted. I sent out 5 or 6 requests, and have received two or three notifications of acceptance. Period. I want to have to verify who is on my friend list, before they are my friend and I have to cut them from it, potentially creating bad blood.Not to mention the time wasted in the process.

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Spanman, @ the top of any page you have the icon for your inbox, to the left of that is a icon to edit friends/requests. Once on that page on the left side, you will have two clickable options, one gives you a list of current friends, and the other is a list of pending requests… that are easily deleteable… not sure refusal of friend request is better/worse than removal of current friends.