CONTEST - Worst team ever!

The Replay Team Championship is just around the corner!

In honor of this momentous event, we’re running a special contest:

Which two celebrities, poker pros, or fictional characters would you LEAST like on your team and why? :black_joker: :-1:

Last year we wanted to hear about your dream team, but this time we want to know who you’d really have carry hard to victory!

Five lucky participants will win 100,000 chips each! :money_mouth_face: I’ll draw random winners the week the Championship kicks off – Monday, May 11th.

I’ll start things out with my two: Marta from Knives Out, who is incapable of lying without pretty gross consequences. That would make things complicated. Second would be Joffrey from Game of Thrones. Definitely not a team player, and I’m not sure I’d make it out alive if I had a bad week.

*Please keep your choices famous and/or fictional. Do not name players on the site, and no politics or political figures. Let’s keep this one light and fun!


Barney Fife, the deputy sheriff from the old “Mayberry” shows
Georgette from the old “Mary Tyler Moore” show (Ted’s girlfriend)

And now you know I’m really old, if these are my two choices!


Kelly Bundy (Married with Children)
Joey Tribbiani ( Friends )


Gomer Pyle & Barney Fife both from the Andy Griffith Show were the first names that came to mind.

I think it would be almost Impossible to win with those two!!!



Patrick Star
spongebob squarepants

think I got Marc beat. can’t win anything with those two. dare anyone find worse pair. lol


Bevis and Butthead from thier own show.


Sherlock Holmes - he would take so long contemplating every hand he would be timed out too often.
Scarlet O’Hara - most definitely not a team player!


Lucy Ricardo and Ricky Ricardo…no explanation required lol


Road Runner and Wile E Coyote

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Anyone slow to act &OR mentally slow:

  1. Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh. Indecisive and slow. And whats with the bow on the tail?
  2. Gob Bluth. Track record at screwing things up & failing.

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Homer Simpson

Archie Bunker

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The Scarecrow and Pinochio.


The Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz)
Fear (Inside Out)

Both would be too scared to play a hand

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I think Dopey from Snow White and the 7 dwarfs cos he’ll be too dopey to play cards right. :slight_smile:

Hunch Back from Paris, also Dracula. First one is only interested in bells the other is a sleep all day.

The Terminator,would not be a tabel left to play on!
Bill Murrray I would laugh all the time so i will lose !

Jim Carey and Captain Jack Sparrow

George Washington … Could not tell a lie
Bill Clinton … Well let’s just say he would be distracted :bikini: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sergeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes, he can’t keep a secret. Gilligan for the same reason.

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Frasier from Frasier season 1 episode fifteen:
‘After Roz is scammed by a street con, Frasier claims to always be able to spot a criminal, so Martin challenges him to a test: several friends come over to play cards, including one ex-con. Frasier wins if he can spot the con.’ Frasier loses the bet, he is not good at reading his opponents or seeing a bluff.

Joey from Friends season 10 episode 11 - a clip of Joey playing on the game show Pyramid:

Joey is too self confident and tilts right away.