CONTEST - Who would win? Take two!


We had so much fun seeing your answers for our last “Who would win?” contest that we’re doing it again! This time we have a theme. :wink:

If all of these fictional robots (or semi-robots) were playing poker together, who would win the pot and why? Post your thoughts below and we’ll draw five random participants to receive 100,000 chips each! You have until Thursday, February 8th to participate! I’ll tally up the results and announce the winners later that day. Good luck and have fun! :robot:

C-3po, Bender, and Data would Fold on the tough hands and Robocop would win because he is bold and they cant read his eyes.

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C-3PO He’s lived through all the movies no matter how bad the odds.

Robocop because he’s half human and understands the luck of the cards better then a machine and he’s got that headset that calculates the odds as well as the other robots which puts him way ahead in the game

Hmm, this one is going to require some thought. Is it just me or did anyone else dislike the C-3PO character so much that they rooted for the Empire, even just a little bit?

bender will eat the cards. re-deal data will bluff and lose to Robocop


I find his anxiety to be kind of relatable, if I have to be honest.

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Bender would win, he seems to have the lifeskills, and deductive reasoning (for his own personal gains) that the others are lacking :wink:

Yep fully agree …Robocop

Robocop would win, because he has great self-control and a effective poker face

data would win…no emotions…just logic…

I feel Data would be very conservative, know the odds of hands and out last CP3o

bender hands down he’s a lying cheating manipulating pokerfaced chump he’ll win at any cost c-3po is a chicken, data is to logicl like spock would’nt take any chances and as 4 robo to emotional whoa is me I was a man and now i’m a machine bender would just keep reminding him and tell robo how he was dating his wife BENDERS awsome the only one robot chicken

C-3PO is your winner, if he can communicate with Chubacka, he can read all the other players. When C-3PO moves All In…You should be folding down your tent!!!

DATA poker is all about #'s and DATA collected around the table.

C-3po’s restraining bolt would make him fold as soon as some one raised, … Data would play on pure logic and not take Luck into account so in the end he would lose or the blinds would finish him off leaving Bender and RoboCop to have a showdown… (Spoiler Alert) … Robocop is an avid fan of Star Trek and knows how to shut Data down long enough to take a peek at Data’s cards before re-activating him to continue, Robo cop would win because he cheated!.. it was the Human instinct left in him that said … “If you can’t beat 'em … Cheat!” … lol

data for sure

Data is a sophistacted android that has been studying stats his entire existance that is why I believe he would win.

Data because he would know the percentages!

Data would out last the lot

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