CONTEST - Who would win? Strongmen


We have a new set of characters taking a seat at the poker table!

Which of these muscle men would beat out the rest? :muscle: Who has the best poker skills, or the endurance to fight 'til the end? Let us know your choice, along with your reason, and you could win 100,000 chips!

On Wednesday, July 24th, I’ll share the top choice, and draw five random winners who will each receive 100k.

Why does Rocky look like Elvis?

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Hercules. He was never defeated by Anything Living in The Sea, Land or Air. Only Supernatural Forces could Defeat Him and was Killed by use of Magic. Believe He would hold up well against the competition at this table.

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Rocky - he would train hardest to beat the competition.

Gaston …b/c he would be fighting for his lady …

gaston because he never goes wild he will wait the others out and then he will make his move to the finish line

Conan would go berserk, pull out his sword and try to slaughter everyone at the table. He would end up taking out Gaston and Rocky, but then Hercules would overpower him and smash him into oblivion. Hercules wins the bloodiest and quickest poker game ever.

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Conan looks lke my aunt Martha. Kinda creepy. I gotta go with creepy. Conan for the win.

Hercules. In the 12 labors of Hercules he had to use his brute strength, calculating mind and great endurance to complete all his tasks, just like we do playing poker (perhaps not brute strength, but nevertheless strength).

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I have to go with the demi-god for all the reasons stated above. Hercules for the win :muscle:

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Hercules. Winning the pot is Hercules’ 13th Labor.

Not Gaston, he’d be too busy expectorating.
Conan might not have the patience and would slice the table in two with that massive sword.
Rocky can’t handle the cards with the gloves on.
Hercules, by default.

“What is best in life?”

Conan: “To crush your enemies’ hole cards, to see them knocked out before you, and to hear the lamentations of their poker coach.”

Gotta be Hercules.
Gaston is established to be a freakin’ moron. Conan, being a barbarian does not have the patience to sit at a table, and Rocky has taken too many shots to the head to concentrate. Hercules, on the other hand is the only one who can make a (Zero to) Hero call when the others bluff away their chips.

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Hercules. He’s a god for cryin’ out loud! shrug-smiley%20(50x50)%20(2)

My choice is Hercules. Born of the God’s. Protected by Zeus. The others don’t stand a prayer. He’s smart, witty. More intelligent than the Highly trained Barbarian, Beauty can’t help the Beast, and well, with Rocky’s M.O. We all know he’s gonna lose the first fight. lol

Yep My money is on Hercules for sure.

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Since it is a contest of strength they would all fight to the finish or go all in. Let the cards fall where they may…Flop comes it is AKQ of Hearts Turn the Jack of Hearts River the Ten of Hearts they do a four way split of a table showing a Royal Flush. None of these characters would last in a real game at a Casino or a sandbox. They have lofty nicknames or pseudonyms but that is where all similarities end. It is an equal draw, No Comic Superhero Wins.

Isn’t God or rather GOD entitled to UPPERCASE for his name? Just asking…

Rocky because he would fight hard and not give up at the table!


I only believe in one real GOD. Didn’t want to blaspheme for a free chip forum contest.
…but thanks for playin’…