CONTEST - Who would win? Round 3!


It’s time for another round of our “Who would win?” contest!

If these sassy ladies were at the table together, who would win the pot and why? Share your thoughts below for a chance to win 100,000 chips! We’ll draw five random participants who will each receive a prize on Friday, March 16th. I’ll count the results and announce the winners that day.

Best of luck and have fun! :nail_care:


WOW! Now that’s a tough one. I think they’re all terrible poker players lol. I’m torn between Cruella and Jessica. I’ll think about it and get back to you. :thinking:

Ok I vote Cruella :slight_smile:

Not judging by poker skills but by personality.
Cruella would scare all of them into folding. Jessica could have some experience from singing in bars and being around gamblers, but Cruella could easily threaten to wear Roger Rabbit as a coat which would scare Jessica into folding.
She could do the same with Miss Piggy (wearing both her and Kermit as coats wouldn’t be much of a challenge for Cruella).
And Scarlett’s romantic and insecure nature would allow Cruella to easily scare her too.

So while the 3 ladies could have an amazing charm over any man, they don’t stand a chance against Cruella. No matter what cards she has, she will make them all fold and she will win the pot :smile:

Miss Piggy, always snorting around at the river.

I’m going with Scarlet. She won’t care who has good cards, she’ll marry the one with the biggest stack and find a way to get the partner killed off. Think about it: only Rhett was smart enough to escape with his skin and bankroll intact because he didn’t give a damn.


Scarlett O’Hara. She never let anything stop her. She is a winner!

Miss Piggy would bet the most therefore win the most…she is my pick

Scarlet O’Hara would win for sure because she is a very shrewd, selfish but very confident lady, she will stop at nothing until she get’s what she want’s and she will plot and scheme until she gets it, she is very cutthroat and will fight to the end and that’s what you have to be sometimes to win the whole pot !!!

Cruella DeVille is into spots. Her game is Dominoes.
Jessica Rabbit is into Patty Cake, That, everybody knows
Miss Piggy, well she don’t fly.
I pick Scarlett O’Hara and that’s why.


I’m voting for Miss Piggy cause she’s my favorite…

Definitely Scarlett O’Hara - she is selfish, manipulative, arrogant, confident and will stop at nothing to win!

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Miss Piggy would win because she is so annoying that all the others would forfeit, just to get away from the sound of her voice.


Alright…JR and MissP not up to facing the other 2 IMHO. So…C or S?!? I’m going with Scarlett as she would see through Cruella’s bluster and bide time to strike hard and deep. My vote’s for Scarlett!

frankly my dear…it would have to be scarlett o’hara
no real reason just saying …lol

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You just described all 4 of them.

I don’t think there is much fairness with the votes. It just seems that most men are voting for Scarlett O’hara for obvious reasons :joy:
When I vote I try to be fair and judge by the effect the players have on each other, not their effect on me :wink:

maya will win thats 4: sure :thinking:

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I don’t stand a chance against Miss Piggy :smile:


Scarlet O’hara… she’d clean them all out and then be Gone with the wind…


Scarlett O’Hara can fight, no doubt, can rise from the ashes of a bad beat like Phoenix. However she has a flaw: the fatalistic trait of her personality that could mean her ruin.
I know that myself. Whenever I call an all-in against my better judgement, I sigh and think: “Who cares if I’m out? After all, tomorrow is another tourney”.
Considering the large group of men who would watch such a historic match, a femme fatale like Jessica Rabbit would never give up her sexy hairdo in favour of a more practical one. But…with her hair covering her eyes, she would be unable to see the cards, and would make senseless bets. She would be the first to leave the table while a murmur of grief would go through the audience.
Cruella de Vil? No, thank you. She is no poker player. She doesn’t care a fig for flushes or full houses, she has one obsession only: fashion. She abhors the old-fashioned outfits of the four poker queens, and can’t look at them without turning away her head in disgust. She would keep on discussing with the dealer to get some more voguish cards. At the third refusal, she would leave the table, indignant.
I go with the magnificent Miss Piggy. One can criticise her taste in men (Kermit??!!), but she is determined, strong and relentless. She is a force of nature, and would fight like a true pig at the poker table! In a tricky situation, she would distract her opponents by babbling lots of confusing French phrases, and if that doesn’t help, she would have no scruples in using her infamous karate chops. Nobody would survive! Hi-ya!

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