CONTEST - Who would win? Princess edition


It’s been a while since we’ve pitted some fictional characters against each other! This month, we’d love to know who YOU think would win the pot if these princesses were battling it out on the poker table. And don’t forget to tell us why!

On Wednesday, March 20th, I’ll tally up the results and determine who you think the winner would be. Five lucky players will be chosen randomly to receive 100,000 chips!

If you need some help, feel free to check out one of our other contests here to see what players have said in the past. Not familiar with the characters? Feel free to use appearances, names, or a quick web search to get a backstory to determine your choice.

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Ariel for sure. Even though all of the Avatars above look the same except for costume and hair, Ariel (the REAL one, lol) is the one who would most distract me from the cards I’m trying to play. Hmmmm, don’t know if she’d have that effect on the other Princess’ though. Oh well, a bet is a bet and I’m stickin’ to my guns, metaphors be danged! :laughing:

I don’t think any of them would win. They would most likely all talk at the same time for a few minutes, then wander off to shop for shoes.


No contest. It’s gotta be Snow White. She worked and charmed–manipulated, in other words–seven different guys into taking care of her, even though some were grumpy, another was dopey and they were all very short, and she STILL ended up with a prince and the dwarfs even approved!! That took real skill.


yes, you ar e correect

Snow White! I have to support a woman of years. :slight_smile: She has learned so much from the school of hard knocks that no one can bluff her! She’s my girl

Of course it is Mulan. Improvisation and bluffing is the focus of her life. This helps her to manage her “Mission Impossible” and that sounds good enough for me to win a poker tournament. :wink:

I guess I need to change my answer…

Since all of them are literally owned by The Walt Disney Company, The Walt Disney Company wins no matter what. So the correct answer has to be Disney.


OK, Here is how I see it unfolding…
Three of the four Princess’s sit at a poker table in the forest at the 7 dwarves house. The 7 dwarf’s place, since it most likely that Snow “White” Charming still isn’t allowed to wander off alone, She needs to be chaperoned after the 2nd divorce from her 1st husbands brother Dale Charming.
–Belle & Mulan have become great friends after Belle had called Mulan up to help her clean up some broken dishes & furniture when Belle confronted her husband after he came home late one night smelling of alcohol, with strange green colored lipstick on his collar. The two girls swear that Belle’s husband had felt terrible about what he did and he signed everything over to Belle… He didn’t even take anything with him, He only left a signed letter saying “I am going to wander the earth in disguise until I can do enough good deeds to right my wrongs against my wife Belle, And I will never tell her where I am. Or try to see her again. So don’t bother to look for me!”
– Mulan moved in with Belle shortly After “The cleaning of Belle’s castle” incident, Mostly due to the Chinese authorities asking Mulan to “leave China and never return” It seems Mulan & her Late husband were involved in some insider trading of Purple cushions that were “borrowed” from a famous American rapper. But, copy right infringements, and questionable stock purchasing, had left her husband slain by Pirates while collecting their purple booty’s cushions.
–So Belle & Mulan arrived together. The three Ladies have been shooting the breeze about their new lives, and sipping champagne that tasted just like cherry cola, “SEE/OH/EL/AYE. cola.”. All while waiting for Ariel to arrive. Ariel is still known to be tardy, And understandably so since her husband drowned while watching the kids.
–Finally Ariel arrived! This time by helicopter Toting a finely made aquarium secured in a net underneath the whirling blades of the machine. The glass tank was etched in Silver with Green emeralds in the shapes of starfish on every corner. The tank was filled with sea water and had what appeared to be a hand carved whale bones fashioned into a Throne. Wisps of Green colored the glass walls. Once the tank was moved inside, the girls sat down to play poker. And, After several hands the girls were still chattering on about themselves with tales of “Divorce, or “Widowed”, or “I don’t know where he wandered off to” And in general, Just catching up from the last year of events.
–Then Mulan raises the bet into Snow for about 5 times the blind, Snow seems surprised and says to Mulan " You aren’t trying to knock me out of the game are you?” Mulan replies “of course not sweety” “I just have to go to the little princess’ room and wanted you to have some of my chips in case I take to long” Mulan also adds without making eye contact “I want you to still be playing when I get back Hun” Mulan smiled and said “I only have 2- 7 off suit so you will easily win.” Snow says. “Oh, ok, You are so sweet Mulan” Then Snow calls with all of her chips and points down the hall to Mulan. Mulan asks “what are you Pointing at?” “The bathroom” Snow reply’s “You fell for that again.!!?” Says Mulan, as she slides her chips to the middle and flips over a pair of kings. “Drat, you got me again Mulan” says Snow “Would you Girls like a lemonade or something to drink? Dinner is still about an hour away” The ladies all place their drink orders & Snow scurries to fill them. When Snow leaves the room Ariel scold’s Mulan Saying “Why do you always do that to her?” “Pipe down fish breath” snaps Mulan. Belle giggles and says “don’t make us put, oh, we’ll call it “mud” in your tank again this year, remember how long the cleaners took last time!” The girls focused back to the game, while Snow comes & goes for the next two hours bringing food & drink for the Bantering Crows of Kings. Shortly after dark Ariel sees her hand of red aces :diamonds: :heart: , she can hardly keep her excitement from causing digestive gasses, It was like she was lactose intolerant and just ate a block of cheese, So as she puts in 3 times the blind Ariel’s tank of water looks like someone had dropped a case of Alka-Seltzer into it. The two girls pretend they don’t notice Ariel’s obvious “tell”, Belle & Mulan make small talk about the meal they shared right after “The big clean up” of broken dishes & furniture earlier that year, “That meat was amazing” Mulan said “Yeah nothing better than Elk meat” Belle replied “I thought you told me it was wild boar?” questioned Mulan, “Oh yeah you’re right” Belle said quickly. Then both girls call Ariel’s raise. The tank starts to overflow with water and bubbly foam. Then the flop of 7, 8, 9,:clubs: all clubs. Ariel quickly pushes all-in. Mulan folds her Q-4​:diamonds: of diamonds, and Belle quickly calls showing her J-6​:clubs: of clubs! The turn 4​:heart: and river J​:diamonds: then Ariel’s tank went calm. Belle smiled and said “Their isn’t a beast alive that can play the ace of “hearts” on me!” Frustrated, Ariel asked “How do you girls always take me and Snow out each year?” “And always the same order?” Belle & Mulan shrug simultaneously.
–Now the “heads up” part of the story!–
-Mulan & Belle square off with roughly the same amount of chips. A Battle for the bragging rights of all the Princesses is on the line… The 2 girls knuckled down and play some incredible poker! They call, They folded, They raised & re-raised. They bluffed, They trapped. Back and forth it went. They played until they were both on the verge of collapse.
-Snow was sound asleep on an overstuffed chair near the dwarf’s hallway, And with the sounds of snores, it echoed like 100 chain saws in full “kill a redwood mode” coming from just 7 of these little guys. Ariel too was fast asleep in her aquarium, sprawled out on her throne, And every so often these little bursts of bubbles would make their way to the surface and pop softly like firecrackers in a soda bottle.
-Then Mulan gets pocket aces A :spades: A :clubs: and Belle gets K :heart: J :heart: The girls size each other up and Mulan make a 6X raise, Belle thinks for a moment then calls. The flop comes A :diamonds: 9 :clubs: Q :heart: Mulan takes no time and quickly pushes all her chips to the middle “ALL in” She says. Belle take a pause, counts her outs, sees all her possibility’s and calls…
Mulan’s A :clubs: A :spades: vs. K :heart:J :heart: of Belle then the turn card 10 :heart: both girls are on their feet, the room was graveyard silent, They both looked around and all seven of those short, cute, old, smelly men, were lined up with their noses resting on the table and eyes peering over the edge still in their nightcaps and gowns. Snow was standing next to the table with a trey of steaming hot chocolate, Each with a giant marshmallow poking up out of it’s cup. Ariel too was awake, And was half way out of the water trying to get a good view for the last card. Dripping puddles onto the floor from her clam shells! (for the boy readers) Then the river card, An A :heart: Mulan got so excited, the 4th A had come out! What a lovely day! What a lovely hand! What a lovely moment! Everything was beautiful! She had 4 of a kind A’s Then, unable to contain herself she started bouncing up and down, And she whispered, I won! I finally beat her, Then again she said it, only a bit louder, I won! I finally beat her, again only a little louder, then again and again until she was screaming it “I WON I FINALLY BEAT HER!!!” Belle was standing next to her, and slowly leaned in close to Mulan & asked “Are you ok Mulan?” Mulan still jumping & shouting said “Yes I’m wonderful” “Why?” Belle smiled faintly and asked “Well, who did you finally beat?” Mulan, slowing down her bounce a bit and lowering her voice a little, said “You, I finally beat you” Each bounce not quite as high as previous one, and as she looked around at everyone and over to the cards, she started feeling a bit faint, and she could feel the energy drain from her body, until her bounce wasn’t doing anything more than flexing her kneecaps at best. Then like someone had kicked her in the ovary’s, Her breath became very labored. At that moment she saw Belle’s Hand was pretty good too
A :heart: K :heart: Q :heart:J :heart: 10 :heart: to her A :heart: A :diamonds: A :clubs: A :spades:

Mulan, leans over to Belle and said “Very nice hand” then she whispers “Your lipstick is about faded off, you might check to see if Ariel has some you can borrow She’s such a Boar”

Should there be a part two?/?

OH.! & My answer is Belle


If it’s a serious game of real poker with real money, Belle would definitely win. She’s a bookworm who has read every book about every subject while in captivity, and must’ve learned a lot about poker from all those books. Ariel is clueless, and she spent most of her life under the sea collecting useless items dropped from ships. Mulan had much more complicated things to think about and fight for, and has never learned how to play poker. And Snow White kept dying and coming back to life, living with dwarfs and avoiding the huntsman and the evil witch, and waiting for prince charming. So my vote is for Belle because she would know more about poker than all the other 3 combined.

If however the game was played here on Replay, then my vote goes to Ariel. She’s a mermaid, so she’s half fish, and as we all know, fish are the ones who keep winning blindly on here. As Ariel is the dumbest among them, and the closest to a fish, she would definitely win by going all in with the weakest cards ever and hitting a flush or a full house on the river, winning the pot and beating the other 3.

Therefore, my answer is:
Belle if it’s Real poker.
Ariel if it’s Replay poker.



Snow White… she knows not to give up and with some patience she will win in the end.

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AT 11:00 am the game was set to start. In Fairyland, everything starts on time and everyone is happy. Now it is hard for everyone to be happy in a game with only one winner but in Fairyland, Anything is possible. Now we have a table with characters Mulan, Ariel, Belle, and Snow White. There were 9 at the table but the others bear little consequence. One was a bear, who bears little consequence, except that she requested a soft chair, which made some of the players jealous.

Mulan got J9 of spades and felt like she could win at poker just like the big guys. She raises the blind from a starting $1 $2 to $4 in order to steel the pot from anyone else. Roger Rabbit called with his silly voice suggesting that he had no idea what cards to hold in order to win. Belle also called without even looking at her cards. She was in the middle of a good book and it was a page turner. The flop produced 975 and Mulan bet big only to have them both call. All players checked the turn with another 5 and on the river a Jack gave Mulan the all in feeling. Rabbits go all in anyways and Belle was still in her book. When everyone showed their cards, roger had am 8 4 offsuit and giggled how funny that was. Belle uncovered pocket queens, having the better two pair. Mulan left happy to know that woman win at poker (and that giggly rabbits do not).

Arial was doing fine until Aquaman spilled his beer on her when he held the bootfull upside down and poured it on his upturned head. Now that her feet got wet they started to fin out. He tried to apologize until she pointed out that this is a Disney Fairyland. Aquaman noted that Marvel Is owned by Disney and that a crossover series is forthcoming after phase 3 of the new avengers. I bet that will never happen. Still they looked at their cards, they both had pocket deuces, hers red and his black. They both bet half their stack preflop and no one else called.The flop gave them 347 in three suits. They both bet nothing to the river with everyone else folding. They got an ace in the fourth suit and a 9. Aquaman asked how sure Ariel was that she had a better hand, and read his mind with her rings thingy. She convincingly thought he had a better hand and folded when he went all in. She was out a few hands later but made a solid boyfriend, who knew everything about her. He was better that that lame fisheating prince so she stayed with him and they had 3 sequels together.

Snow white was sleeping the whole time, and when she became the big blind, she woke to go all in preflop blind. Everyone called her, as Mulan had A7 suited, Dumbo had pocket 5s, Jafar had JT of diamonds (yes Diamonds), and Bolt thought his spy glasses saw that his 24 would become a boat with 2s and 4s at the top of the deck. Bolt forgot about burn cards and ended with bottom pair, and Snow White won the hand with her 86 yielding trip sixes on the river besting Mulan’s turncard Ace.

She gave the trophy to Dumbo to help weigh him down and into his seat at the consolation game, and she gave her winnings to the Dwarf support group in her area since slutty, grimey, and adolph were having a hard time in Disney since they bought out that Strip in New York. Mulan saw her husband was still winning, and she was happy to see him prosper. Only Jafar was angered at his loss and needed to be thrown out. Belle was about to start a book on poker and planned to play more actively next game. She was happy to have so many conflicting books on poker strategy to delve into.

They are all happy in Fairyland, and Snow White is the fairest of them all.

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Ariel, just because she’s the best looking :relaxed:
That’s some story, Loot!

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You haven’t seen her bottom half. I bet it could change your mind :wink:

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Mulan, since she’s a badass warrior that fought against a Hun invasion. Poker should be no problem.

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snow white: she must had play some cards living with 8 men. she knows how to play.
Mulan: is a warrior and would be a tough opponent heads up.
Belle: she probably read stuff about poker, but not much experience of actually playing poker.
Ariel: is a wild card. she doesn’t make good decisions, trading in her voice for pair legs, but at the end she won and got her prince charming. she relies on luck more than skill.

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Reminder: The 7 dwarfs went to the mines from morning to evening, while Snow stayed home cleaning and cooking till they came back. Then they would come home, have dinner, and go to bed. All it took for the witch was to come as an old lady to her door and tempt her with apples for her to run straight out and take a bite of the poisoned one. That’s how bored and naive she was.
Her best skill was singing with the birds and waiting for Prince Charming to come rescue her. I really don’t know where she would have learned how to play poker :slight_smile:
Naive and easily tricked are not the best qualities for winning at poker :wink:

Cleaning and cooking don’t take all day. She plays online.

The dwarfs come home too clean to be miners. I suspect they hang out at the strip club.

I’m goiing back to my original answer… shoes.


The dwarfs use AT&T for internet and in the middle of the forest the connection is terrible. She didn’t even have time to google “old lady with apples” before it was already too late :wink:


Mulan is the only one of the four who would show up prepared to battle. She’d beat the three naïfs handily.

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