CONTEST - Who would win? Number 4!

If they are playing in the Ocean, or Sea World, then Dory would win. (Reasons are—

  1. Homer may learn to scuba dive, but he would need donuts and duff beer- WHICH Would get soggy and watered down.
  2. Dopey would never leave the woods and mine long enough to be able to play but one hand… He’s DOPEY!!! And…
  3. Winnie the Pooh’s honey would get watered down and Pooh can’t live without honey.

If on land then Dopey would win. He is one step from turning psycho before Homer Simpson.
Here is why—

  1. Pooh is kinda slow on thinking. Can he comprehend anything other than Honey??? He would be the last to go…
  2. Dory would lose even in a fish bowl… Her cards would get wet there by ruining the them, which the others would get tired of playing with wet cards- that would push Dopey toward the edge.
  3. Homer would eat all the Donuts pushing Dopey over the edge. ALSO… He may give Dopey a drink of beer turning Dopey into a Mad Crazed Beer Swilling Dwarf causing Homer to be the first fatality.

Pretty sane reasoning huh?

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Ok now I feel like I have to defend my choice and come up with a reasoning. So here goes nothing:

Since all 4 of them are clueless, no need to go through cards and hands. I wouldn’t be surprised if they folded a Royal Flush.

The winner should be the last player standing.

Homer would not last 1 minute at the table. The voices in his head going BEER, DONUT, MARGE, would make him run as fast as he can back to those 3.

Winnie would last even less than Homer. He wants honey and can’t sit at a poker table without his jar. He runs as well.

Dopey hears his other 6 friends singing and mining, and Snow White singing with the birds, and runs like crazy to catch up and maybe get a kiss or two.

Dory however is stuck in a bowl. She already found Nemo, and her parents, and she probably forgot who she was. She’s not going anywhere.

Dory wins as the last player standing. No distraction and nowhere to go.

And since both and I selected Dory, I hope 2 votes could be counted for the fish :joy:


Fish have no legs and can’t stand at all, making it impossible for Dory to be the last player standing.

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You don’t always need legs to stand…still :wink:
She can stand on her tail :sunglasses:

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Its Homer Simpson because he won the facebook votes :))

Fully a non-starter:

  • Homer - No beer, no donuts, no Marge, why be there at all!
  • Winnie - No Honey, no play.
  • Dopey - No time for play when friends are working and Snow White not there.
  • Dory - Not there by choice; no buy-in available (unless this is a Freeroll); No interest!

But the game gets played anyhow. Winnie and Dorey are blinded out because they’re no-shows and Dopey wins because he has more experience over Homer because of all the games played with the rest of the dwarfs (little people I mean) and dupes him by appearing to be asleep at the “wheel” or constant chatter about donuts and beer coming soon. DOPEY for the WINNNNNNNNN!!!

B - Dora. A fish out of water!

Dopey would win- He has been playing poker with his brother’s and winning in their weekly poker game and on a lucky streak when this tournament came up.
The fish and the bear were knocked out first. Then there was a show down and
Dopey took the win.

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i guess winnie the pooh would win. since he is called winnie, WIN is already in his name. besides of that, since they are all screwups anyway, he might misread the fact that nr1 wins a lot of money for nr1 wins a lot of honey. and start trying to win for that :slight_smile:

dory loses because she has no memory, so winnie the pooh should win with the best attitude after a long fought match

I am thinking Dopey because his playing style reminds me a bit of my own :slight_smile:

Gotta go with Winnie the Pooh. Good-hearted, lots of friends, humble, not likely to tilt.

Homer would win… he’s a survivor :wink:

Homer by process of elimination. Dory is out because, well, Dory is a fish. Winnie is out because he’s an animated stuffed animal and would get honey all over the deck, which he can’t read. Dopey is out because Dope is in his name and not Homer’s. And Homer has dumb luck and almost always gets out of bad positions or wins a contest in spite of himself.


I think the last player standing is Dopey. He is somewhat shy, but is much
smarter than he looks. He is a thinker and calculates his odds. He plays
a tight-aggressive game, and keeps others wondering what his next
move will be. He can be sneaky, but he wins and is nice about it, always
saying good game and see ya later gator. He is definitely the winner and
best palyer.


Even Dopey can win going all in all of the time !!

dopey will be winner he is a man and man alway think better than animal

well…dory can’t winn exept for if the table was in the see or something…dory would just die (rip)
dopey would get too unlucky hands, just every single hand
homer would try to cheat but gets way too drunk…
winnie the pooh wins, slow but steady!

its dopey…
he is number 4!!!
‘’- Who would win? Number 4!’’
its the answer…just in the title ^^

Homer would win, He’s timeless and has staying power which would elevate his chances…