CONTEST - Which type of player do you LEAST like to play against?


Posting December’s contest a little early! This time it’s an excellent submission by Maya-: Which type of poker players do you LEAST like to play against? She’s offered four interesting choices here – let us know which one of them you’d rather not face and why. Please keep your response productive (no naming names).

I’ll be drawing TEN random winners on December 20th – because 'tis the season for giving away some extra prizes! Each winner will receive 100,000 chips. Share your thoughts below for a chance to win!

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Well, since none of these 4 choices make my top 3 … hmmm
I guess I’ll say ( C ), if they never call me, I can’t take thier chips.


For money? I don’t like playing against folders “C” for the same reason @Sassy_Sarah mentioned. For fun? Well, then it would be callers “A” because they reduce the game to one of pure variance rather than skill.

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Well out of those 4 choices it would have to be D - All Inners, this is very annoying and the only thing worse are people that run the clock out every single hand but that’s not a choice so i pick D.

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agreed on SS as well, however have to say every 1 of them will grant free chips, including C, it’s just the slowest one (but also the least variance one). folding every time grants you free blinds after all.
but still i have to pick C for being the slowest free chips

I’ll be the oddball. I least enjoy playing against “B” constant raisers. I generally want callers 'cause that’s where my chips come from. Likewise, the all-inners on anything, though I find it helps to sit at their immediate left. The folders simply remove themselves from the field of battle leaving the existing chips for the active contestants. But, the constant nuisance raisers* not only throw the game off balance, they raise the costs without having much other impact on the game. So, I suppose I’d hang them first (right after the beancounters and lawyers).

  • Note that real raisers, those raising reasonable amounts on select hands, are an asset to the game, not a detraction. Don’t confuse them with the constant mindless minimum raisers.

I also pick B , these players are usually just trying to buy the blinds.

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B. Raisers, because 1) I cannot raise if they get in first. 2) It is really hard to tell whether they are playing K2 or KK and any flop is potentially within their range.

C. Callers next, because they never fold to continuation bets, although they are welcome preflop, especially if they call with any two suited cards.

b cause they irritate me

Mostly echoing previous sentiment…

A) Calling stations are great: Play mathematically sound and you’re printing currency with these types.

B&D) Maniacs are quite fun also. You can play passively and trap them with a strong hand. You can call the shove with strong pre-flop holdings. On rare occasions, with the right table presence, you can sometimes out-aggro the aggressor (this is super fun to do). I seek these players out exclusively and wait patiently to strike.

C) Nits are probably the least fun, but they have the common decency to warn you when you shouldn’t play (because they’ve entered the hand). You won’t earn many chips from a rock, but you shouldn’t lose many chips to one either.

So I’m with @Sassy_Sarah, @1Warlock & @yiazmat, “C” is probably my least favorite out of the 4 choices.


B) Constant raisers.

D–because when I actually go all in against them (instead of folding), I usually have the better hand–though not always. That’s the good part. The bad part is that I always get high blood pressure from the encounter!


I’m a little confused. There seems to be only two choices here, Folders and Others.
I’m gonna go with C, folders. You can play poker with the other three.
The players that annoy me are the ones that just can’t believe that the best two hole cards don’t win every time, or that you would dare call them, let alone raise or go all in with a pair of 7s. (LOL, that means a pair of sevens, not a pair of suited sevens)

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As usual, I’ll just make up my own answer… “E” winners. I hate it when people have like better hands than me and stuff.


As this is a fun game for me on this site my anser is C. Not much fun… and they dont chat either.

Yes I know, this is political incorrect and there is no database for that but feelings dont need a database. They just pop up.

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If a player falls into any of these categories then I really want to play against them. These are all fun and easy patterns to exploit when they become apparent.

The player type I least want to play against are players who adjust to my play and force me to make tough decisions without displaying any obvious imbalances.


Agree with Alan and concur with his note! B for me!

Pretty much inline with @Alan25main’s post.

B - Raisers, they make the calls expensive and they have no other purpose.
D - All inners, though they will be taken down eventually until then they jam the good cards.
C - Folders, they don’t bother me, if a table is filled with such people, which often happens when the blinds get high in the tournaments, and if you are SB, you are often heads up with BB. That’s an advantage. I am a folder too in such situations in early positions. Habitual folders also give the same advantage.
A - Callers, they are delight, They voluntarily contribute to your good hands. I don’t see much of them.

Raisers are definitely the most annoying. I love to take all-inners chips. Can’t take folders chips but they are not annoying. I can usually figure out what a “caller” has.

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Compulsive raisers (b) are certainly the most annoying players to me.
Nothing can detain them from raising. Should somebody else raise before them, they take it as a personal affront: “What, how dare you?”, and always make a consistent re-raise to punish such an insolence.

Not annoying, but rather hilarious are the compulsive “folders”. They make me always think of poor Cio-Cio-San, alias Madame Butterfly in Puccini’s opera, who waits and waits and waits for her beloved Pinkerton to return, sighs and sings the moving aria “Un bel dì vedremo” (One fine day we’ll see). I don’t know, but somehow I imagine them singing “One fine day we’ll see KK or AA”.

All inners, well, are all inners. Luckily, the all inners I most frequently meet at the tables are as regular as a Swiss clockwork. They go all-in every 5th hand, without exceptions, so I only need to count and spiritually prepare myself to it. They probably are convinced they are taking all by surprise with their unexpected attack! In reality, all yawn and think, oh, have we already played five hands?

The least annoying are the “callers”, probably because there are SO MANY here around that in the meantime I got used to them.

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