CONTEST - Which opponents do you prefer?

We have some exciting things coming up late this week, but first, it’s time for a little contest! Share your thoughts for a chance to win! This month, we have a fantastic question submitted by @Maya. Check out the question below and let us know who you prefer playing poker against …

Tell us a little bit about why you chose A, B, C, or D – or something else entirely! I’ll be choosing five random players to receive 100,000 chips on Wednesday, October 17th.

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Definitely D, the best dinner parties consist of old friends, new friends and people you have just met who hopefully will become friends. I often feel that sitting down to my first poker table of the day is like an eagerly anticipated dinner party!


I am a solid D for most play and ring tables.

I usually have some good-natured banter going with friends and socialize in ring play and strangers add some new challenge to the mix.

In a tourney you don’t have much choice but I prefer B or C so I don’t have to felt my friends lol!


D for me , I like to have at least 1 friend on a table so I will have someone to chat with , strangers I met before I probably have notes on which is good for my game and strangers I’ve never met because they could end up being a friend or being put on a list . These 3 factors keep the game interesting.


For sure it would be D…i love playing with friends as there is more chat going on but playing with strangers is fun too as you get to know their play and what their character is like whether it be good or bad or indifferent, hopefully they will become new friends and strangers you have met before most times you know how they play and have built up a knowledge of their character already…friends, players i have met before or never met it always makes for a fun and exciting game !!


It’s starting out unanimous. I’m also a D for the same reasons already given. And, new and different players may know some new play I can steal, file off the serial number and claim it’s mine.


It’s always fun to play with friends. But I personally prefer to play poker against strangers. Poker is a selfish game; it’s me against everyone. And I mostly play tourneys, so while it’s fun to have friends around, we’re usually playing to eliminate each other, and that’s always hard against friends. That’s why I prefer to play against strangers, take risks and play to win.
So, as much as I love playing with friends, my preference is a mixture of B and C. My notes can come in handy with strangers I’ve met before, and it’s always a fun challenge to play against ones I’ve never met.


D for me. Not surprisingly, I want to have my Kate and Edith too! Sorry 'bout that, I meant I want to have my cake and eat it too. :blush:


B for me. Really like to encounter “constant raisers” with no cards to back their play. I do utilize the note feature quite a bit. For those who bid big constantly and then muck their hands, often after losing a few they leave the table. I just play for fun, have no ranking to speak of, and I find a lot of pleasure in exposing someone who is bluffing constantly. Had one player admonish me the other day for daring to bid when he had raised a lot. “What if I’d had two kings?” You didn’t, I replied. He left the table shortly thereafter. I’ve lost a lot of chips forcing people to show their hands and sometimes I’m wrong. Often the bluffer will finally get a good hand and act like “see, I had cards all along”. Just fun. I like honest play. Hope I win the chips, I need them. hint, hint

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D for me…after all variety is the spice of life…right?

B - strangers I’ve met before

D I play to improve my poker ability skills , for real play , at live cash tables ,in which case you will face all kinds of “players”.so, the only thing you can rely on is your ability to know whiter the best hands to play ,or to fold .

Strangers I like to observe the different strategies of various payers especially in the tournament rooms where people seem to play a more serious game. Besides strangers are only strange until you get to know them.

D for me as long as they are a chatty bunch. I love to play poker but at the same time I love a good conversation or meeting someone new.


D…absolutely…I love playing with friends but I don’t like to beat them. so I need a few strangers to beat up or be beaten by and not feel bad. of course my friends never really seem to mind beating or being beaten so ill take all types as long as the chatter is lively…CANT STAND A QUIET TABLE


I like to play with new strangers, it keeps me on my toes.

Here? Has to be A for me. No other reason to play social poker.

D. I like a mixture of people. Infinite diversity in infinite combination allows me to learn, laugh, and interact in many different ways while enjoying my favorite game.

I choose D: I’ve played poker on numerous sites but have found REPLAY to be the best site yet. Since joining this site, I have not played on any other. The reason being is that I have met (chatted with) some great, crazy, and wild people. It is a lot of fun! I have learned a lot as well. Players here don’t mind sharing their poker skills. This is why I prefer a mixture of players. The overwhelming majority of players on this site are very mature and very good poker players. Here, at REPLAY, you’re not “sitting” at a table full of experts. I like that.


I dont mind… so it is a D. I love all aspects. Fun with friend, challange of unknown.

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