CONTEST - Which opponent do you feel most confident to win against?

Hi everyone,

Fizzymint is out of town so I’m jumping in to get this month’s contest underway. This time we’re asking: Which opponent do you feel most confident to win against? Let us know which of the options below that you’d pick and why!

Thanks Maya- for another great question! Fizzymint will be back to draw 5 random participants to receive the 100,000 chip prize on Wednesday, February 20th.

Good luck!


If player “A” is THAT unlucky, how would we know he’s an expert?
If player “C” is THAT lucky, how would we know he’s bad?
If player “B” has been here for years and has a respectable rank, at least we know he has some judgement, and perhaps can be persuaded to fold, if he sees my bet deserves respect.
A low ranker like “D” who has only been here a few days could be Doyle Brunson. No way to tell.
I’ll take the only one I can depend on to be rational, choice B.


I’m going to chose B because If your playing against someone who’s been on the site for years and you play in similar games/promotions as that player there is a good chance you would have played against that player in the past.

If you’ve played against that player in the past you should have a general idea on that player’s strategies and how they play which should be helpful in having more success playing against that player if you’ve taken notes In the past.


From the way they play of course. Player A makes all the right moves with the right cards, but ends up losing anyway. And player C makes all the wrong moves with the worst cards and still lucks out and wins miraculously. It’s just a theory :slight_smile:

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@Maya - this is what happens when you drink but don’t put away the laptop right? Come up with things like “What’s the difference between an elephant and peanut butter? The elephant doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth.” LOL - love ya’


Exactly :joy::joy::joy:


The only player I know for sure I’ll come out a winner against is a friend. Someone who will talk and laugh and have fun while we’re on the table. Can’t lose then.

For this contest, I guess I have to pick 1 of the 4 choices so I’ll go with “B” - someone who has been here long enough to have picked up bad habits :slight_smile:


Gotta go with D! He’ll be playing bingo for a while, but I’ll lie in wait for his misstep!

I’ve gotta go with “D”, the newby.
I’ve yet to play with anyone who was lucky or unlucky all the time. I figure that if you have less experince and fewer chips than I do that’s all the advantage I have a right to ask for.
All you “D’s” out there, I wish you luck. I’m coming for your chips! :wink:

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all of the above, fact of the matter is…I am like the house, if you play against me long enough I will get all your chips…no brag, just facts


B and D for some of the same reasons posted above. B - can be fun, may advance my skill set, all around my 1st choice. D - Yum, Yum, time for CHIPS!!!

C (very bad player who’s extremely lucky all the time) without a doubt!
That luck won’t/can’t last forever and applying some simple patience can prove to be very profitable when their luck fails them (and it will occasionally fail them without a doubt).


easily C
having luck all the time is only relevant for his luck in the past, not the future. in other words it’s irrelevant. so what’s remaining is the part that he’s a very bad player. nothing easier to beat then a very bad player imo :slight_smile:


I’m with you @yiazmat
I think C is the safest bet.

B sounds like a really good player, and there isn’t enough to judge how good D is as he’s new to the site, but we don’t know how new he is to poker (although D is a tempting choice). A is an expert, even if unlucky. Luck can change. I’ll take my chances against C, the bad player, and try to avoid taking chances if he continues to be very lucky. But again, luck changes, and the play style is what I’ll be up against.

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I think C. As mentioned above… Luck will change.

For me it has gotta be B. I’m new here and B has been here for years and probably played close to a million hands. B has crushed hundreds of newbies and I am just another atm in their eyes. B knows nothing about me and probably doesn’t care For me though, I have a lot of available info on player B to use to my advantage.I know how long B has been playing here and I know their bank. I also know that by logging in every B will gain over 900k per year so by comparing that info I can start to find an advantage. I can see their friends list so I know at what level they play

That’s easy, (d) a low ranking player who comes on everyday going all-in with his daily bonus chips. Just wait for a top 15 hand and call. Very good chance you take those 2500 chips before someone else. There is a reason these players only have 135 chips in the bank and have been playing here for years. Get in early while the getting is good!

es wird wohl C werden!!! ein glückspilz!!!

I’ll go with C, a very bad player, like already said, luck is in the past.

I believe C. Luck won’t last forever but poor play will.